Are you now learning physics at school? Have you found some difficulties? At first, you need to understand that learning is a complex process that occurs in every person throughout his life. The learning process occurs because of the interaction between a person and his environment. Learning is a positive stage of change in cognitive, affective and psychomotor behaviors that occur within the learner. Experts conclude that the learning process should include behavioral changes starting from the simplest to the most complex. Learning is a deliberate, purposive, and controlled endeavor in order for others to learn or to make relatively permanent changes in others. This effort can be done by a person or team who has the ability and competence in designing and / or developing the necessary learning resources. You can find any resources easily today with the existence of Internet.

However, such behavioral change must be self-controlled or controlled by external factors. Self-controlled situations are highly dependent on internal factors. Internal factors are factors that arise from within the individual. They can affect your learning achievement. Internal factors are grouped into 2 factors, namely physical factors and psychological factors. These two factors are related to each other which consist of several aspects as follows:

Physical factors include:

Health factors

Although you are required to do various things related to your existence as a student, but one thing you should not ignore, the health! All that has been planned, everything that has been programmed and scheduled, will be messy if your health is disrupted. Therefore keep your stamina and try to live healthy. Factors that may affect your health: Unhealthy living environment, irregular diet, stress due to the task, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise. From the above factors, it seems everything can be anticipated from the beginning.

Psychological factors

Psychological factors can’t be ignored at all because they determine the success rate of the study. Many students do not feel confident in doing homework, especially subjects such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, statics, and so on. Confidence can be grown by practicing a lot of homework.

Studying physics

Physics is the subject that forms the basis for almost all the technologies we enjoy today. This science is”collaboration” between mathematics and natural phenomena. We can’t understand a technology without understanding the underlying scientific foundation of physics.

Doing physics homework

Learning physics effectively can be done if we practice regularly. Doing physics homework is the best way to get used to all the physics problems. But in reality, doing homework physics is not as easy as we imagined before. Often we find it difficult to combine the facts we face with the studied theories of physics.

Today we live in an online era and we can seek help from the Internet. We can search for anything we need on the Internet, so also with the help to do homework physics. Asking for online help for home physics work is not just for instant results but to train us on how best to solve various physical problems. Not all physics problems can be solved in the same way, each having its own specificity therefore understanding the different patterns of settlement is highly recommended. For those of you who are struggling in studying physics at school, it’s not so easy to find good physics homework help, but sometimes you can`t do without it.

Hopefully this article can provide new insights for anyone who is struggling to study physics at school. Knowing the essence of the learning process is a useful first step to success in the study. Good luck and happy learning!



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