There’s lots to love about a Yamaha Blaster. Whether you’re rocking the same classic you’ve had for years or recently purchased a Blaster, find out how you can upgrade your ATV and get more power and performance out of your weekend warrior. Check out these aftermarket parts and find the best cheap motorcycle riding gear today.

Comfortable Grips

A go-to accessory for nearly any ATV is aftermarket grips. After a few too many times bombing through mud pits or navigating dirty, dusty roads, your grips are probably shot. Replace those worn-out, uncomfortable grips with soft, grippy alternatives that give you a better handle on things. Whether you ride with or without gloves, comfortable grips help you keep your hands on the ATV at all times.

Improved Exhaust System

If you’re looking for a more premium investment and larger DIY project for this weekend, consider an aftermarket exhaust system. Keep your ATV growling with that throaty exhaust you love, and increase its power along the way. An exhaust system can improve your fuel economy, decrease your emissions and help you edge out a win when you decide to do some off-road racing.

While many exhaust systems are universal, be sure to select one that works particularly with your Blaster. Whether you choose a full exhaust kit or a slip-on upgrade, be sure it’s the right size, shape and design to get the most out of your ride.

Reliable Racing Gear

ATV clothes are made to get dirty. However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through a weekend of off-road adventures wearing tattered old shirts and uncomfortable jeans. Check out the latest dirt riding gear and accessories and grab a racing jersey and pants, a breathable helmet and some flexible and protective gloves and boots. Whether you’re racing or just cruising down some two-tracks, you’ll be thankful for the added comfort, protection and breathable nature of your professional gear.

Dynamic Bumpers and Grab Bars

When the trail narrows or completely disappears, you may be finding yourself sliding up against trees or grating against boulders as you blaze your own trail. No one expects an ATV to be spot free, but major dings, dents and scratches can cause lasting damage to your Yamaha Blaster. Pick up aftermarket bumpers that give you some extra protection and help you avoid scratching your paint job.

Similarly, grab bars offer a level of protection. You can also use these handy bars to pick up or pull your Blaster out of the mud when you get a little too adventurous. If you’re cruising through dunes, it’s easy to add your orange visibility flag directly to your grab bar for added convenience.

Shop for the Best Sales Online
From a couple grips to a complete exhaust system, upgrade your Yamaha Blaster and personalize it for your next outing. Choose the best Yamaha Blaster aftermarket parts and accessories for a casual ride through the woods or a high-intensity race through the dunes. Enjoy all your favorite brands and upgrades today by shopping online and searching for deals and discounts.

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