The expert familiar with the osteoporosis says that the xiphoid process function is highly important to regulate normal and healthy life. Xiphoid process is tiny portion located at the breastbone. The tiny area takes space with the time spending. Hence, you can resemble its tip somewhat to the sword.

This particular part is indeed a cartilaginous section of the sternum or breastbone that is not joined with any ribs and gradually ossifies during adult life. At first from birth cartilaginous is what the xiphoid process is made of, and then it ossifies gradually in the middle core of the human anatomy during the middle age.

Where is the Xiphoid Process Located?

It is located on the inferior part of the breastbone facing downward of the manubrium, which is the part of the body that joins the clavicles, the sternum and the cartilages of the initial pair of ribs.

It is made to look like a sword or oval in shape and it is covered with a thin layer of cartilage for proper body understanding.

The Reason Behind The Xiphoid Process

This syndrome happens for various reasons that include different kinds of pains whether it is a gentle, moderate or thorough pain.
When the pain occurs, it is mostly coming from the lower or inferior part of the breastbone or sternum. When there is a pain in the upper abdominal area, chest, back and even lower back pain then you should test the xiphoid process for any ailment and once diagnosed you should start treatment immediately.

Injury to the chest’s cavity

Injury in the individual chest’s corner is a major pain that can occur in the xiphoid process due to accidents from a vehicle, a long and strong fall, and injury on the chest from playing sport, a hard object hitting the chest or a hit from a fight. Instead, osteoporosis can lead to xiphoid process development.


When you overeat it tends to lead to overweight and this can cause the xiphoid process to be painful due to the fact that everything you do as an obese becomes stressful and too much stress on the chest can cause trauma, therefore, allowing the problem to be painful.

Carrying too much weight on your body can cause every physical activity you do to be strenuous regardless of how light the activity is. This can cause your chest to damage and therefore cause pain the xiphoid process.

Heavy lifting

Too many activities without rest that are strenuous like weight lifting, machinery jobs, or factory jobs can cause the pains in the xiphoid process. The activities when done repetitively can overwork the heart because of the increase in the pumping of blood. This can cause the chest to be traumatized and because of the heavy work you put the heart to and as a result lead to damage in the xiphoid process.


Xiphisternal tuberculosis infection can also cause pain in the xiphoid process. The organism that causes the upper area of respiration to be painful, cause a severe cough and also affects the lungs can cause pain or damage to the xiphoid process.

Where there is any form of infection in the chest area from smoking, asthma, damage in the lungs can cause severe damage. Treatment should start immediately detected.


Any form of inflammatory in the breastbone meaning when there is any form of injury that becomes reddened or swells causes the xiphoid process there will be a sharp and quick painful feel in the chest. The means there is a problem with the xiphoid process and the continuous pain affirms its position.


The X-ray machine is not always appropriate for checking for deformity in the xiphoid process because of the position but however when there is a continual pain in the breastbone that keeps coming out from the inside then there is a deformity in the xiphoid process. The deformity can be excruciating because of the continued pain.

How to treat the Xiphoid Process?

In truth, the entire way to cure for this disease depends on the stage of it. Instead, doctors might identify it scrutinizing its symptom. The doctors used to suggest the inflammatory resistant food that helps to neutral the acidity. The Doctor would also suggest you avoid certain activities that may trigger the pain until it finally heals.

Instead, you must be careful about the daily food habit since the routine and lists of diets works well to heal this lethal problem.

Taking meals at an interval in bits and smaller quantity helps to recover from the disease. Junks like chocolates, peppermint and alcohol should be avoided.


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