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  • A company looking to expand your brand awareness?
  • A writer seeking to interact with a global audience?
  • A passionate entrepreneur seeking to share knowledge to the world?
  • A brand looking to advertise on our site?

We are always looking for strong authors and fresh articles of all kinds to inspire and help improve the lives of our readers! This is strong community and we want everyone to be a part of it as much as they can.

Article Ideas

We want to hear something about you, or some "needle-in-a-haystack" kind of story, or anything that you are passionate about (that is relevant to the general topic of self-improvement). We are looking for any topics that can empower men's life. Here are some examples:

  • Dating, Relationships & Sex
  • Mind
  • Work, Money & Business
  • Motivation & Productivity
  • Health & Fitness
  • Spirituality
  • Style
  • Life Improvement

How to Submit an Article

1) Please send the post to team@menprovement.com. Attach a Google Docs document with your article or write it in the actual email. Include any videos from YouTube you wish to embed along with the pictures. Please title it: "Sponsored Post: [Title of the Post Submission]"

2) You will receive an email back from us with a response of approving or disapproving the article. We may also ask you to make some editorial changes.

4) Upon review, approval and editing of your article your article will be published within 1-2 weeks depending on how busy our schedule is.

5) We will provide you with a back-link to your website if you are a fellow blogger.

Writing Guidelines

If You Are Submitting an Article from a Genuine Place of Wanting to Serve the Menprovement Community and Help Improve People's Lives Please Read This List

  • Before writing the article, please research the keyword that you are going to be writing for, this will greatly help your exposure and make the article visible to Google
  • We prefer articles that are in depth about ONE particular subject and serve as a comprehensive resource in that subject
  • Please link to other quality websites (might be yours)
  • Please include other forms of media on top of text such as images, and videos
  • The article must be specific and relate to one of Menprovement categories
  • The content must be fresh and unique, no dry how to lists, convey personality and authority over the subject you’re writing about, ideally tell a story that can personalize advice and make the article stand out
  • Make sure that the headline prompts the reader to click on it
  • Please use short paragraphs and make it easy for the reader to read it by addressing him/her and writing with him/her in mind,
  • Articles must be relevant and offer clear directions for readers to improve their lives in some way
  • Your english must be impeccable
  • Guest/contributor articles should be a minimum of 1,200 words posts of 1000 may be accepted if they offer incredible value, however, posts under 1000 words are not allowed
  • Guest/contributor articles should be formatted in the style of other MenProvement articles with main topics broken up by several headings (heading 2 for wordpress) and subheadings (heading 3), single spacings between paragraphs, all bullet point and numbered lists done manually, and not auto formatted by word(press), and an “In Conclusion” section summarizing the article.
  • When submitting your article, please include a separate document which includes your name, a link to your website, your social media links and a short bio. You may also include a picture if you so desire. Please note that any articles we receive without this information will posted up under either Artur Kot, Jerome Gibran de Jesus or Guest Author.
  • You may include a link to your own website or company provided that it is relevant to the readers (it pertains to men’s interests in either health, relationships, finance, style etc.)
  • Articles will go live in the order that we receive them and may take up to 1-1.5 months to be published do to the high volume of articles we receive and write ourselves.

Looking to Get on a Podcast?

Email artur@menprovement.com with a short pitch about who you are and what you will contribute to the audience. If he thinks that it is a good match, he will put you in contact with me.

Terms & Conditions

  • We have the right to reject any submitted articles.
  • We have the right to alter, edit, and add to any submitted articles – This will usually be very minimal including things like: editing, videos, pictures
  • You will always receive credit as author no matter what revisions are made.
  • Once submitted and paid for, your article it is now property of MenProvement and we can do with it as we will.
  • All payments must be made via Paypal. In order to partake in the program you must have a Paypal account or create one.
  • Articles must be original and not published anywhere. We have a copyscape account so don’t waste your time submitted copied articles.
  • 7) Article must be at least 800 words.
  • 8) There is no limit to how many articles you can submit.

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