14799765_1500927099924191_616741476_oGuys, I have good news for you: you should be having more sex.

Wait, let me clarify that: you should be having frequent, regular, relationship sex. Not blackout drunk one nighters; but the kind with a consistent partner throughout the week. I know; you’re all super disappointed.

Here’s the thing; with the real love making session stuff, it turns out it’s actually really good for your mental and physical well-being. So rather than whining to your wife about not having enough of it, just tell her you’re trying to be healthy. Not only does it do a body good, but studies have shown that sex can:

–Boost Your Mood

–Reduce Stress

–Increase Your Immune System

–Help You Sleep

–Lowers Blood Pressure

–And burn a ton of calories.

This isn’t just good article clickbait, either. Many studies have shown mental and physical benefits to regular sex, and major health agencies, including the UK’s National Health Service are taking note.

So how does this work? It’s all cardio and muscle work. You’re working up a sweat and with it, endorphins. It’s just a little easier to get motivated for it than the treadmill. But changes in your heart rate and the amount of effort fight against stress, as well as keep you heart healthy. And because your body is going through these motions, it may even bolster your immune system against incoming illnesses.

Now, all good news comes with bad news, and this is no exception – you may think you like the idea of regularly having sex with your significant other. However, having frequent bouts of fun like this is going to require you to be ready for it. And I’m not talking about “in the mood” ready; I mean you’re going to need the strength and stamina to pursue this.

The upside is, routine daily exercises, although not as exciting, can help you hype up your sex life. These are easy to learn exercises and can typically be done alone. Whether you want to do them at the gym or at home, most of them can be performed anywhere you’re comfortable. They’re also fairly quick to do, meaning it shouldn’t cut into your regular workout routine.


Although you typically see bridges performed by female gymnasts, and the very idea can make your shoulders and stomach burn, don’t worry. The bridges you’re used to seeing is a bit of an advanced form of it. And while you may be able to build up the flexibility to stare at the wall directly behind you, you don’t have to be.

Regularly doing bridges is actually really good for guys. It helps strengthen the core, the hips, the pelvic region, and helps build stamina from using those muscles. That’s great news, especially if you’re stuck in a chair most of the day. When it comes time to enjoying some alone time with your partner, you’re going to be glad you gave these a try.

Start by comfortably lying on your back. You’re going to want to bend your knees with your feet flat against the floor. Slowly rise up your hips and lower them back down for a total count of 15. Ideally, you should be doing three total sets. And considering how it looks when you’re doing these, you can bet that they can hype up your sex life.

Bench Press

This one is a pretty popular choice among men. Chances are, you’re already doing these. And if you’re not, you can probably find someone to help you try these fairly easily. Doing the bench press helps build muscle, increase stamina, and strengthens your back and shoulders, which you’ll need later.

Most gyms have a dedicated area for bench pressing, which is a great first step so you don’t wind up looking like these people. Also, it shouldn’t be too hard to have someone help you out  

First, set the weights onto the bar and sit on the designated bench with your feet flat on the floor. Lie back and grip the bar with an overhand grip, slightly wider than shoulder-width; kind of like when you do push-ups. Slowly remove it from the rack and lower it just above your chest, making sure your feet are taking the brunt of the force to keep your form right. Push the bar back up and repeat.

Fire Hydrant Kicks

Also called “dirty dogs”. It’s a great core exercise, and one that works the pelvic region. Start on your hands and knees, like you’re going to be doing some beginner pushups. Bring your left leg up without moving your hips, keeping your knee bent. Extend your foot out like you would with a kick, and then slowly bring it back in and then back down. Alternate with your right leg, being sure to not arch your back or extend your legs or thighs too far. If you’re still struggling, Muscle & Fitness has a great online guide.

Of course, if you’re going to be engaging in more sex with your partner, it helps to be physically attractive to them. Right now, recent polls are showing that vascularity, that “veiny” look, is what women are really into these days. The good news is there’s a few factors at play, and many of them are controllable. Things such as:

–Reduce your body fat percentage to about 8%-10%.

–Build up bigger muscles.

–Keep your stress and blood sugar in check.

–Take nitric oxide supplements.

Most of these actually go hand in hand. For instance, reducing your body fat percentage will probably come naturally with reducing stress and your intake of sugars, as well as building up more muscle mass. Nitric oxide will help boost the flow of oxygen through your new muscles, building up the number of visible veins.

By increasing the blood flow through your veins and reducing the layer of fat between them and your skin’s surface, you can achieve the vascularity look your partner will love.

Final Thought

If you’re ready to enjoy more frequent sex sessions, you’ll be increasing your chances by building up your core, increasing your stamina, and getting those visible sexy veins.


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