4 Things You Don’t Know About Women and Sex

You’re always looking for tips on how to improve your skills in the bedroom, and you try to make sure you’re giving your partner unforgettably amazing sex
But the truth is that, despite your best efforts, you can tell that something is just a bit “off” between you and your female partner lately.
You want to learn what the issue is, but understanding how women feel about sex can often be seriously complicated. We’re here to help.
In this post, we’ll fill you in on a few surprising secrets you might not know about women and sex. 
Use these sex tips and our insight into women’s sexual psyche to wow your partner the next time the two of you want to get a little closer. 

  1. Get Kinky

Blame 50 Shades of Gray, feminist-directed pornography, or even just more open attitudes about sexuality in today’s culture. 
Whatever the cause, more and more women feel that the best sex veers on the rougher side of things. 
In fact, about 62% of women say they like things to get a little kinky in the bedroom. And while of course, conversations about consent and limits are important, sometimes, they just want you to take control of them. 
Talk to your partner about the things they’ve always wanted to try out by making a list of your top five sexual fantasies. Then, swap lists — you might be surprised that some of them match up. 
You can then talk about which ones you’d be willing to try. Head to your local sex shop, invest in some racy lingerie for her to wear, and even consider going away for the weekend to make your fantasy a reality. 

  1. The Need for Seduction Never Goes Away

One of the most important sex tips when it comes to understanding how to make a woman happy? 
There are few things less appealing to a woman than being pawed at in the middle of the night by a man who clearly wants sex — but hasn’t put in the work to get his partner in the mood. 
While you don’t have to splash out on an expensive dinner or theatre tickets every time you’re ready to get it on, going out of your way to “date your wife” or long-term partner goes a long way. 
Women don’t want to feel taken for granted, and they especially don’t want to feel like sex is a routine or an expectation. 
Always take the time to seduce your partner. It might sound corny, but enjoy some aphrodisiac foods together, light a few candles, and spend some time on putting your date night outfit together. 
Don’t be afraid to tease her all day long by exchanging dirty text messages all throughout the day, either. 
A little effort goes a long way. 

  1. Faking It Is More Common Than You’d Think

If you assume your female partner enjoys everything you do in bed as much as she seems to, have we got news for you. 
About 80% of women say that they fake orgasms pretty frequently, making true satisfaction one of the biggest problems when it comes to women and sex.
With men, of course, faking it is a bit more difficult.
Women may fake orgasms because they don’t want their male partners to feel guilty or insecure, because they’re simply tired, or because — the worst option of all — they’re just not enjoying things and want to wrap it up. 
And if you’re really honest with yourself? We bet that sometimes, you’ve wondered if all those moans and groans are really all that genuine. Sometimes, just asking a woman if she’s truly satisfied with your performance in the bedroom — and asking how you can improve things — is all you need to do. 

  1. Self-Confidence Impacts Sex Drive 

Of course, depression and anxiety will have a profound effect on anyone’s sex life — as will major life changes or any other unexpected stressors. 
While we often speak about how one’s mental health is directly related to their sex drive, insecurity also plays a role in how willing women are to get down and dirty in the bedroom. 
Women may worry about how they compare sexually and physically to your past partners. They might have concerns about their own sexual skills, how they look (and sound!) during sex, and much more. 
Over time, this can lead to a loss of motivation in the bedroom (read more here about how motivation impacts our daily lives.)
If you’ve noticed that your female partner’s sex drive has gone way down recently, it may be because you’re not being complimentary and supportive enough. Sometimes, it’s up to you to not only squash those insecurities — but to help remind her of all the amazing things she’s capable of doing. 

Women and Sex: Wrapping Things Up

Understanding women and sex doesn’t have to be as difficult as so many of us make it out to be. 
Good communication, a willingness to take control, and refusing to accept a fake orgasm will help everyone to relax and enjoy themselves more during sex. 
Perhaps you’re the one who is struggling in the bedroom and want to learn how the right herbs and supplements can boost your libido and your performance. 
No matter the kind of sex tips you’re looking for — or where you are in your current relationship — we’re here to give you all the advice you need to make it even better. 
Keep checking back with us to make sure both you and your partner are always satisfied. 

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