picking up a girl on the street

picking up a girl on the street

Note from the Editor: As I have been getting deep into the world of DayGame (Picking up women during the day) I have been amazed at the incredible positive response I have been getting from women. Even if they have a BF or are not interested, their eyes always light up in joy after a compliment followed by a whole lot of, “You made my day’s.” So I thought it would be interesting to have a woman write about an approach like this from her point of view. So here is Sonnie’s thoughts on being approached by a random dude, on a random street.

Just as words can hurt, they can brighten up somebody’s whole day. In just a few small words, a girl’s self esteem, way they treat others and the vision they appear to view life through can all be made positive from someone paying them a compliment. Think about how powerful that is! And what does that cost you? It’s priceless, but because it comes from a stranger, it is so valuable and cherished.

Who doesn’t love attention?

I would never be rude to anybody that hasn’t been rude to me, so if a man acknowledges me with a compliment, it will literally make my whole day. Obviously the compliment has to be a tasteful. Anything sexual or piggish from a total stranger will most likely not be accepted from a woman. If the compliment is genuine and sincere, it will stop all the negativity she may be feeling at that moment or from days past.

Anytime I am driving on the highway and I get a big ‘ol trucker honk, it makes me happy. Like, yeah, he sees me – he think I’m cute, as I’m driving with all the other mobilized vehicles.

If a guy can naturally engage in a conversation, you would have to pinch me, because this is a rarity! It is uncommon for strangers to hold a conversation now-a-days. Dialogue is so sexy to me. It shows listening, interest and effort. S-E-X-Y! I mean. Even after I work a catering event and we are all siting in the car together, nobody talks to each other. I think it’s the strangest thing. Dialogue is an ancient artifact as long as I’m concerned.

It’s all about smartphones and connecting with social media. If a man wants to notice me and spend time on interacting with me, asking questions to get a little insight as to who I am, I would not ignore his attempt or be disrespectful and at least thank him for making my day.

My suggestions would be to be respectful and smile. A simple introduction and always maintain eye contact. Even just saying that something about that person caught your attention and you don’t want the opportunity to pass you by. There are so many romantic movies and storylines that we women dream about but the guys of today just don’t have the desire to male that romance a reality.

So just because you are being nice and paying a girl a compliment doesn’t mean you have to buy her a ring and propose to her. It could change her whole day around or at least stop any bad energy that she may have been experiencing prior towards your meeting.

– Sonnie

From the editor, again..

[quote]There are so many romantic movies and storylines that we women dream about but the guys of today just don’t have the desire to male that romance a reality. – Sonnie[/quote]

Have the desire to make that romance a reality.

Be that guy. Be extraordinary.

The least you are going to get is a smile and the joy of making soemones day. The most you can get is a night of ecstasy, meeting your future wife or making a lifelong friend.

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  1. I really love these “From Her” articles, and I think this is what separates this site from others.

    I am so curious to always hear the woman’s point-of-view, and it’s great to hear it from genuine posts from women like Sonnie.

    Thank you “A Lovely Lady”, and I’ll pay that girl the compliment that’s been on my mind next time!

  2. “There are so many romantic movies and storylines that we women dream about but the guys of today just don’t have the desire to make that romance a reality.”

    You have got to be kidding!!!

    If guys don’t have the desire, as you suggest, I guarantee that politically correct man0hating has beaten it out of them!

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  4. Translation of this article and any other comment you find online from women saying they like being approached:

    I LOVE the attention, but unless you’re a guy I’m attracted to I’m STILL going to say no.

    As a woman myself, I don’t get why women keep encouraging guys to approach when we’ll turn 95% of the guys who approach us down and then whine about all the “wrong” guys approaching us to our friends. You guys need to know this, because all of these articles online about approaching are bs, and you need to notice that all they ever really justify that idea with is “women like the attention.” That doesn’t mean she’ll go out with you or have sex with you, and aren’t those the end goals of approaching? It’s not just for conversation or “dialogue.” Get a clue.


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