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The average person doesn’t think long term. They rarely think further than a few weeks or months ahead, and have this illusion that everything somehow will ‘end up being ok’.

Immediate pleasure is a killer of real success

Successful entrepreneurs are not concerned with immediate or short term indulgence. Instead, they have clear and concise visions for where they want to be 1, 5, 10, even 20 years from now. That vision guides their decisions and their daily activities. Anything or anyone that steers them away from achieving those visions and goals is to be avoided. Sure, they understand that circumstances change and that they need to change their goals to suit the change; however it doesn’t change the fact that they have clear and concise vision.

One of the essential characteristics of anyone who pursues a vision is discipline. It takes incredible discipline to continue to work towards the breaking down and achieving that specific goal. The greater the vision, the longer it may take and the more people may be required to manifest that vision into becoming a reality.

It is the discipline to work towards a clear vision every single day that eventually enables that vision to become a reality. It is not uncommon for an entrepreneur to sacrifice many of life’s greatest pleasures for a long period of time, as they chop away at their goals and milestones to make their vision actually happen.

Vision isn’t just for business either

Another thing successful entrepreneurs have in common is that their vision is made up of all other factors involving their lives. They have a vision for their career or business, their relationships, their health, how much they want to make and financial situation, and fun and leisure. They understand that true success comes from being happy in all those areas, not just one or two areas.

Average people generally believe if one of the areas above is fulfilled, their lives will be happily successful. This isn’t true. Generally all these areas need to be working cohesively together for your greater visions to be achieved. If you had heaps of cash but were fat and unhealthy, you wouldn’t be happy. If you went on an amazing holiday, but had no relationships to share your experiences with, you wouldn’t feel happy.

This is why successful entrepreneurs strive to have a tick in the box for all areas in their life.

Knowing where you are going is a key ingredient for success

In order to make your dreams and visions a reality, you need to know concisely where you are going. You also need to be able to breakdown your goals and visions so they are crystal clear, and there are no uncertainties about exactly what you want. Start by thinking about massive goals. At first, it’ll seem daunting, especially the bigger they are. Simply work backwards now, and realize exactly what each goal will entail to make it happen.

Once your goals are in writing, successful entrepreneur’s then breakdown exactly what is needed to achieve those specific goals and visions. How much money do I need? How many years would this take? Who do I need to meet and what networks do I create? What resources around me can I acquire to get me to start moving towards these goals? Do I need a mentor?

Simply breaking these goals and massive vision dreams, will give you clarity and show you how real it is to actually make success happen.



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