Why to use Kratom for Premature Ejaculation

It seems that more men are using Kratom to cure their premature ejaculation. But first, what exactly is kratom? Kratom is a little-known (but currently gaining popularity) healing herb that is native to the soil of Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
As the word suggests, kratom is used for healing ailments – ranging from depression, anxiety, and low energy. Its use actually dates back a few centuries ago – so kratom clearly isn’t a new herb out to be discovered yet. For whatever reason, though, it is not famous (yet) compare to other existing supplements.

Why People Choose Kratom

One of the ailments kratom can cure is premature ejaculation – at least as reported by some men who used it.According to some review, kratom helps men last longer – way longer – when used. Kratom also enhances sexual and mood performance aside from dealing with premature ejaculation.
But why Kratom? Why not other supplement or why not do it naturally – without any medical or herbal help? According to those who used it, they use it for two things: it is simple to use and it delivers results.
Sure, there are supplements out in the market, but they don’t give the results they promise to give. Kratom will give you the result that you want. Besides, you don’t want to buy a supplement that doesn’t guarantee the results it promises to give in the first place.

Issues with Kratom

But kratom does not go without criticism. Some users reported negative side effects such as erectile dysfunction (ironically). Other said that it is not necessary to use kratom at all – and any supplement for that matter.
But keep in mind that kratom must be used in moderation. Used excessively, it can be addictive. When your body, according to reviews, got used to it so much, you get desensitized during sex, killing the very purpose of using it.
One thing about kratom is its drug-like effect. Some compare kratom to opiate or even claim kratom as one form of opiate. Others believe otherwise. Yet, kratom is not necessarily illegal. In the United States, there is no official status yet if kratom is illegal or can be used as “dietary supplement”.

Kratom and Premature Ejaculation

So why do men are more and more preferring kratom over others? How does kratom cure premature ejaculation? Kratom will numb you, so you can last longer. But kratom will not numb you too much that you won’t feel your senses during sex. So you basically last long at the same time, enjoying it!
On the other hand, some supplements are capable of giving one benefit but not the other. Specifically, they usually can either help you last long or make you harder. Kratom gives its users both the benefits of lasting long while maintaining an erection. Premature ejaculation is not an issue of ejaculation itself, but of performance anxiety. Take a look at how kratom solves this.

Kratom and Performance Anxiety

It is reported that anxiety is one main reason why men suffer from premature ejaculation. They are so anxious about ejaculating early that they do ejaculate early. But this is not a simple issue of “just relax and you’ll last long!” Combine anxiety with other factors like pleasure during intercourse, and this becomes a tricky thing to handle.
Under the right dosage, and if you just want to start right ahead without the anxiety and last long, kratom will give you heightened mood and energy, eliminating for a time the anxiety you’re having. You can be more confident in bed, and yes, you’ll last long! So, have you decided whether to try kratom or not? If you want to check it out, check them out on Kratom Crazy.

Why Kratom Crazy

Kratom Crazy is one of the most recommended kratom shops to exist by date. Don’t even take my word for this. Look at the reviews and see them for yourselves.
Kratom Crazy prides itself in producing quality kratom that is carefully extracted and ensured that all the elements or substances present are the ones you need. Kratom Crazy also ensures that the kratoms they sell are cleansed well. They do this by “steam-based sterilization” because lab-testing is not enough to truly clean the kratom strains.
According to their customers, they have a very good customer service and has a superb delivery time. They also sell different kratom strains, with Maeng Da being the most famous. And yes, they don’t just sell. They also teach you the proper dosages and how to use it.


Kratom is clearly not a magic plant. But it delivers so much that people are beginning to check them out for themselves despite its currently low popularity. It does not only cure premature ejaculation but cures other ailments as well, talk about “10-in-1”.
Just learn how to use it, know about the proper dosages and use it in moderation and it can just cure your ailment – be it PE or anything else it can cure.

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  1. Tim M.

    I have suffered from PE my entire sexual life. I thought it was a fluke the first time i had sexual intercourse (losing my virginity), however it continued on every sexual encounter after that. I eventually found that if I drank a specific amount of alcohol it would control my premature ejaculation so I became addicted to alcohol. Soon after legal issues arose and relationship problems ensued due to my drinking. Kratom has been the only legal product I have found to help PE. I haven’t had any legal issues using it nor have I had a girlfriend complain about me always having to be drunk when we have sex. I think Kratom has the potential to be a “wonder drug” for men who have this in my opinion embarrassing sexual dysfunction.

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