Why Men Pull Away and Lose Interest

Once you get why a man will withdraw and pass up the usual mistakes a woman makes, you can not only pull him out but also gain more love and trust from you. Everyone has heard stories of a man suddenly hitting the switch on his attention and love for his woman, distancing himself from anything to do with her and even inspiring paranoia that he is seeing other women. To understand why this painful period even happens, its imperative to analyze the differences in brain processes between men and women.
Female Brain vs Male Brain
Women can always explain why their lose interest in a partner, but most men have a very hard time pinning down the reason behind the behavioral change. This leaves women to continually question why he likes her. When a woman senses her man has withdrawn affection and interest, it can cause her to probe around and analyze every aspect of the relationship to divine a reason. Probing around usually results in the woman making herself more available, which only exacerbates the problem.
The Five Common Reasons Your Man Withdraws

  1. Your Emotions Are Showing. While aloof confidence is attractive to men, the slow reveal of your true self and your emotions can curdle that attraction, even if the guy is not consciously aware of it. Unable to respond to this shift, the man will withdraw. Learn to restrain your emotions without killing them.
  2. Insecurity. Constantly nagging about other women or inquiring about your body image is a great way to kill a man’s interest. That sort of talk just conveys jealousy and insecurity. It is one thing to ask yourself these questions and quite another to project them to others.
  3. Appearing Desperate. If you are not happen with yourself and your guy is the only thing that brings you joy, your guy is going to feel smothered. Make sure that each of you has some level of independence, some collection of mutually exclusive hobbies, friends and interests.
  4. You Had Sex Too Soon While women will sleep with men to feel more connected and attracted, most men see sex as accomplishing a challenge; with the challenge beaten, the man loses interest. Avoid having sex too early unless you want him to think of you as nothing more than a fling.
  5. You Tried to Force a Thing That Was Not There. Regardless of how amazing you two make as a pair, it is vital that you keep your heart out of the picture until you realize that what you have is something serious and worthy of commitment. You may ask “Why?” to which the answer is due to how men and think in terms of a relationship; men tend to think about the current goings-on, women tend to look at where things might be headed. If you think this sounds silly, how many times have you heard of a woman who decides to plot out her entire future with a guy only for the guy’s interest to change on a dime independent of the woman’s actions. If you sink too much of your heart and emotion into a single man too quickly, the chances are high that he will sense this deeper investment and will react to this data by feeling pressured, worry that the relationship is becoming too serious too quickly and feel that you are asking more of him than he feels comfortable providing at this point. All of this will culminate in him fleeing the relationship.

Show patience. Do not force relationships. While love takes time, it is always worth the wait.

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