Mental illness isn’t a word that men like to hear. Although their experience many of the same problems that women are dealing with, guys don’t admit to it. But why? Whys is it so hard for men to talk about their feelings? Evidence shows us that they have negative experiences and that they even arrive on the edge of suicide. Something is going on with them. For men, it’s impossible to recognize that they aren’t strong. It goes against the cultural norms. Guys aren’t prepared to go against the crowd and it’s too bad because there is nothing more important than being healthy.

Mental health in men is a topic of growing interest. The media has continuously portrayed mental illness, attempting to educate the public. Unlike movies and books, the media doesn’t stigmatize or minimize the significance of disease that leads to disturbances in thought or behavior. Some men have opened up and discussed their negative experiences. It’s a mystery what has determined them to be vocal about their experiences. What matters is that these guys have spoken about what troubles them. If only more men did that.

If you haven’t got a health check, it’s time you did. Everybody goes through hard times. Nonetheless, negative feelings like anxiety or depression shouldn’t stick with you for the rest of your life. Getting help in the nick of time prevents symptoms from worsening and enables you to make a complete recovery.

The only emotions that men are allowed to feel

In today’s world, men aren’t allowed to show emotions. As a matter of fact, some strongly believe that they don’t have emotions at all. Men are allowed to experience certain emotions. Of course, we’re talking about anger and apathy, which are more or less the same. Anger, as well as aggression, is associated with men. Regular good old boys are angrier than females. The moment that their masculinity is threatened, they react in a negative way. What about you? Does anger make your blood boil? If you’re like everyone else, you get upset every now and then. However, surges of adrenaline are common in females too. It’s just that angry women aren’t accepted in society.

When discussing the state of modern men, it’s impossible not to mention apathy. Guys shut down whenever someone is talking about emotions. They sort of become apathetic. Maybe blame this problem on the modern world. There are way too many opportunities and possibilities. The result is that nothing motivates them anymore. As opposed to women, men don’t graduate from college, nor do they have impressive careers. Actually, they’re more likely to lose their jobs. While it’s true that some males are characterized by apathy, it’s wrong to generalize. Not all regular Joes are apathetic. Most of them are capable of expressing feelings and enthusiasm. Take sport pros, for example. On the pitch, they are the first to every ball and offer encouragement to fellow players.

Society keeps on telling men that they shouldn’t have too many feelings. What does The Holistic Sanctuary have to say about this? Their view on the situation is this: society raises people who are emotionally unavailable and then expects them to be emotionally intelligent, which is wrong. Even if they do need help, guys are never going to ask for it. The last thing that they will do is admit that they are struggling. In addition to not wanting to be perceived as weak, men don’t want to let their loved ones down. So, they battle mental illness in silence. If you happen to notice signs of mental illness, such as extreme mood changes, do something about it. Speak your mind and get treatment. What do you care what the rest of the world has to say?

Mental health awareness strategies aren’t for men   

It’s estimated that one in four people suffer a mental illness. Taking into consideration that most of these sufferers are men, the situation is worrying. There is awareness about mental health issues. What is more, numerous campaigns are carried out so as to highlight the problem and eliminate stigma. The thing is that the various actions aren’t targeted towards men. Campaigns fail to take into account the fact that guys are just as vulnerable as the rest of the world and they shouldn’t hesitate to talk about what’s upsetting them.  It’s no wonder that men refuse to talk about their mental health. Nobody is telling them that it’s alright to feel down and experience all sorts of negative feelings.

Many industries can afford to ignore mental health issues. The sports industry isn’t one of them. Athletes find it difficult to escape the stresses and strains of the job. What happens is that they develop mental illnesses. It’s needless to say that the situation triggers it. When athletes share their battles with mental illness, you’re tempted to not believe them. You think that sportsmen are strong and mighty. Nothing can get to them. This is where you and the rest of the world are wrong. People who make a career out of playing sports are regular human beings, meaning that they are defenseless. Anyone can suffer from mental illness and athletes make no exception.

Mardy Simpson Fish, the former professional tennis player, recently opened up about anxiety, letting everyone know that he suffers from extreme anxiety disorder. What we learned was that for Mardy Simpson Fish, every day represented a battle. Ultimately, he left the sport due to the fact that he wasn’t able to overcome his shortcomings. The professional tennis player is just one of the many athletes who have shared their battles. There is no way of knowing if more sportsmen will make their struggles known. What is certain is that the confessions of celebrities encourage regular good old boys to take action.

Right now, mental health awareness strategies aren’t for men. Yet, in the future, there will be plenty of coping strategies for them too. Until this happens, you need to do your best to protect your mental health. If you have reason to believe that you might be suffering from mental illness, you should get checked right away. Talk to someone. Maybe they can refer you to a recovery center.  


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