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If you are new in your adult phase and don’t have any dating apps, then you are missing some fun from your life. It is not the days when you need someone to arrange a date for you from mutual contacts; technology changes the definition of it. Now we have dating apps, finding times are as comfortable as ordering food from Zomato. Well, you need your sense of humor & personality for it too. 

In recent days you might have seen several new dating apps! But what are the cause of app blooming? Let’s know the reasons of why dating apps are booming these days. 

The main reason for dating app booming is, it is profitable for the founders and has high demands in the market. But what causes makes a demand? 


If you are looking to date someone in a severe manner or casual, then you need to tell your friends to find one for you. But now you are just a few clicks away from finding a date for you. No one would know who you date; it will be completely secret. 

Mutual Interest 

Well, some of the apps get made with a beautiful algorithm which only shows you the people with similar interest to you. The person with similar interests will attract you more. You will find more people with a similar match for life on platforms such as and others ; you can surely discover many individuals who have the same hobbies and pastime activities on these apps.

Meet To New People 

Dating apps give you more exposure to meet new people. People get to know new cultures, new hobbies, and such exciting fun. It’s evident that people get bored with the same old friends, that’s why you need to refresh your friend list too, dating apps make it easier for people. 

Makes People More Confident 

These days people are highly introverted, don’t like much to get new people and feel shy. But if you want to change your, this attitude dating apps can help you. You will get to meet different people whom you don’t know much. In that sense, you can talk to them quickly and gain your confidence. Introverts, those who are too shy to meet new people will get to meet new people. 

It Works Better Than Real Life Dates 

For example, your friend arranged you a date, but it didn’t work out well, in that situation your friend who arranged the time may find a little bit awkward that situation. But with the dating app, it will not be happening anytime. 

Let’s know-how dating app makes money, which is the essential reason for growing the use and services exponentially. 

First of all, for all of us, it is required to know that the dating market is worth more than $2.2 Billion. Due to the continued growth, demand many see developing a dating app as a lucrative business venture. But how do they earn money? 

Well, the big myth is dating apps only earns from subscription, yes they do make a healthy portion of their profit from subscriptions, but there are many other revenue-generating ways are out there which are adopted by Tinder, Bumble and such apps. 




There are many dating apps which charge for using the platform, without a subscription you can’t access the profile. Some might show you the profiles, but for connecting to them, you need to pay for the app. 




Well, this is a very standard method of generating revenue. Every app in any app store used this to earn a good income. Some of the apps might don’t show you ads after you pay them the subscription fee. 


In-app Purchases


There are millions of applications in the market which don’t charge any fee, free to use. But there are some unique features or things which you need to buy to use. In dating apps, there are Smiley, unique character or something similar which user might be interested in buying. In this way, dating apps can make money. 

There are some fundamental way of thousand, how dating apps make money, and how profitable this business is. Well, you might need to spend huge chunks of money in the beginning, but once you start getting the right users or you hit your right audience base, then that’s bingo for your dating app. 

Due to the increasing number of youths/adults in the world, the need for such services as dating apps are growing. If you are planning to try your hands on, it is entirely fair. And these are also cause of increasing in several dating apps. 

These are the reasons why people tend to use dating apps and more. And some fantastic tech-savvy people are excitedly creating new dating apps. It gives growth to them and the users more exposure.


Dating apps or site business gives good profits to the founders and makes the market better. Recently Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, Happn, Clover are some of the apps are competing well in the market and some other apps are newly launched, but not performed well, but expecting high growth in the future. 


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