Where Is The Best Place to Get Hair Transplant?

40% of men over 35 face the first signs of baldness — a side effect of the testosterone (male sex hormone) level breakdown. This process negatively affects the hair follicles and develops hair loss.

Although the age baldness is considered a male problem, alopecia (pathological hair loss) is also found in women, especially after childbirth or when menopause occurs.

Hair transplantation is actually the only way to restore their density: stimulating preparations work well only for preserving the remaining hair. The operation aims to replace follicles from the more hairy part of the head to the area without hair follicles.

Hair plantation is carried out by doctors at specialized centers, plastic surgery clinics or aesthetic medicine departments. According to Bookimed patients’ reviews, the most frequently selected places for the procedure are located in Turkey, South Korea, and Spain.

Hair transplant in Turkey

Turkey is one of the primary destinations for hair transplant. Over 80,000 international patients visit this country for hair placement each year and this number rises every year.  

People choose Turkey for the best price-quality ratio. The cost of hair transplant here is 1.5-3 times lower than in European countries. At the same time, many Turkish clinics offer package prices for hair transplantation, which, in addition to the procedure, include language assistance, hotel accommodation, and airport-clinic-airport transfer.

Hair plantation in South Korea

South Korea is recognized as the leading destination of plastic and aesthetic surgery in the world. According to The Telegraph, 500 plastic surgery clinics are located in Gangnam (part of Seoul), where doctors carry out 1,000,000 hair transplants annually.

The great demand for hair plantation in South Korea makes local plastic surgeons among the most experienced in the world. As Bookimed reports, in South Korea hair transplant cost is from $6,000. It is 2 times higher than in Turkey, but approximately at the same level as in European countries. The price is mainly determined by the local living wage. Learn more on the website https://bookimed.com/clinics/country=republic-of-korea/procedure=hair-transplant/.

Hair transplantation in Spain

The level of aesthetic medicine development in Spain is considered one of the highest worldwide. Spanish medical facilities offer a wide range of cutting-edge hair transplant methods to get rid of baldness.

According to statistics of the Svenson company (world famous institution specialized in hair treatment), 58% of Spaniards have serious hair problems. 21% of these people are with alopecia, and this problem affects both men and women equally.

That’s why hair transplant becomes more popular year by year. Spanish surgeons have vast experience and are engaged in new methods development. The cost of hair plantation in this country is average within Europe — at the same level as in South Korea, but about 2 times higher than in Turkey.  

Hair transplant is accessible almost everywhere in the world. So you may choose the best place for hair implant according to your preferences and individual characteristics. However, when choosing a center for hair transplantation, pay attention to:

  • availability of different hair transplant methods. In the leading clinics, doctors perform a seamless transplant (FUE, HFE/DHI) or robotic plantation. Such interventions are less traumatic than a patchwork transplant technique (FUT) and do not leave scars on the donor zone (the part of the body from which doctors take follicles for implantation).
  • list of services included in the cost of transplantation. Some clinics offer all-inclusive package deals, so a patient avoids additional costs.
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