what to get the girl you just started dating

Editors Note: This is a post by Daria, a fashion blogger and vintage eyewear enthusiast. She writes for Celebrity Sunglasses Watcher, following the most interesting trends in celebrity eyewear. 

What to Get the Girl You Just Started Dating?

If you started dating a girl just before her birthday, we should call you brave. Though chances are you didn’t know you you were jumping in right before a crucial time, most men stay away any new romantic endeavors this time of the year. And for one very good reason: avoiding the necessity of gift giving, especially to someone they don’t know very well. Since you’re so cool and brave, you needn’t worry about the gift as well, there are plenty of other things to worry about on a date anyway. And while we leave most of the work on your shoulders (picking the best place and activities, figuring out possible topics to talk about, leaning in for the first kiss etc.), we’re also helping you with part of it: gift picking. Here are some ideas that are bound to impress her, without making you look like you’ve tried too much.

1. Classics. Chocolate are flowers are the most obvious choice, and you might think it’s too cliche to even try. We beg to differ: classics are classics for a reason. Skip the grocery store heart shaped box and bouquet, and go for something more personal. Artisanal chocolate packed nicely and a bunch of flowers you picked out yourself are bound to be a success.

2. Accessories. There is no woman that doesn’t like receiving accessories! And while shoes or jewelry might be way too personal at this point, sunglasses are just personal enough. You don’t have to make a big investment – who knows if things will even work out between you two? – but she’ll surely think of you whenever she wears them. If you’re not sure about her style yet, go for something classic, such as a square Wayfarer shape that flatters everyone.

3. Stories. How did you two first meet and what did you talk about? Even if that only just happened, she’s going to like seeing that you remember. What movie, song or place do you have in common? Use that as a starting point for your gift. For example, if there’s a certain song you both like, get her the CD. If your first date was certain movie, find her the poster. Extra points if you make it funny too.

4. No fail. The one and only no fail gift for a woman? A gift card to her favorite store! On the one hand, she might be happy you know which her favorite store is. On the other, she might think it’s too impersonal. So be careful with this one! You only get what you give, and if your personal investment is minimal, so will be hers.

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