What Tie Works? Tips to Find the Perfect Tie for Any Outfit

Are you searching for the perfect tie? If so, use the tips here to know what tie goes perfectly with what you are wearing.

The right necktie is like the cherry on the cake. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any gentleman’s outfit.

But any old tie won’t be enough. You need to take the color, pattern, knot, material, and size into consideration when choosing what tie to wear.

Of course, this can prove to be difficult as 8% of men are colorblind.

Getting coordinated isn’t rocket science. You just need to remember these five simple elements: Size, occasion, color, pattern, and knot.

Read on to find out how to match ties and get it right every time!

Size Matters

When choosing a necktie you should take your body build into consideration. A good tie needs to match both your physical build and clothing style.

For instance, a broad man will suit a wider tie (3 inches or more) that reaches his belt buckle. Whereas a petite man should wear skinnier ties (2 inches) that can also be shorter in length. For the average Joe, the width of the tie should be between 2-3 inches.

The length of your tie should never be lower than the waistband of your trousers. If it hangs too low it’ll look messy and get in the way. Yet, if it’s too short it’ll look like you’ve put on a child’s tie by accident.

The correct sized tie and shirt collar will complement your suit without outshining it. It will also keep the whole outfit balanced without anything looking oddly out of proportion.

A Time and a Place

Knowing the occasion is key when you’re choosing your tie and suit. How to match ties to an occasion? Follow these general rules:

  • Silk ties in block colors are formal
  • Skinny knitted ties that are square at the bottom are casual
  • Bow ties are for “black tie” events

Taking the occasion into account when choosing your tie and suit will help you to avoid any potentially awkward situations.

Rainbow Hues

Colors give out messages. So make sure your tie color is giving out the message you want. For example:

  • Red – The power tie
  • Pastel shades – Sophisticated, yet muted
  • Complementary combinations – Fashionable and fun
  • Deep tones – Businesswear
  • Black tie – Goes with everything, from business to funerals
  • Bright shades – Stand out from the crowd

Of course, the the color also needs to complement the wearers’ complexion.

Men with fair skin and light colored hair should stick to light pastel hues or monochrome designs. Men with dark features and light skin look best in contrasting color combinations. Men with dark hair and dark skin can pull off both pastel hues and high contrasting combinations.

When buying neckties online, it can be hard to know if the colors on the computer screen are accurate or not. You may order a trendy salmon pink tie but receive a fuschia nightmare! Always buy your ties through trustworthy manufacturers.

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Daring Designs

Matching ties with strong patterns are quite difficult to wear. But when done correctly, they can breathe life into a boring outfit.

Before choosing any old pattern, you need to make sure the color combination is complimentary. Secondly, you need to make sure the tie pattern doesn’t contrast with any pattern found on your shirt or suit.

For instance, a thin striped tie matched with a thinly striped shirt will create a distorted stripy overload. Instead of looking like an optical illusion, try a plain shirt with a patterned tie. Or vice versa.

If you really want to try a pattern on pattern look, always make sure you use contrasting patterns. For instance, a dotted tie with a pinstripe suit. Not stripes on stripes or dots on dots.

Some popular patterns include:

  • Stripes
  • Polka dots
  • Floral
  • Paisley
  • Plaid
  • Sports and Clubs
  • Solid repeating pattern
  • Novelty

For a sophisticated look, opt for a lightly patterned tie that matches a plain suit. And try to avoid novelty ties at all costs, they never look good!

To Be or Knot to Be

Tie knot styles are closely related to proportion. But before choosing you need to consider the type of shirt collar you’re wearing. The tie needs to fit neatly into the space afforded by the collar.

Widespread collars look great with a Half or a Full Windsor Knot. Point collars are best worn with a Four in Hand Knot.

Remember, the bigger the tie knot, the more material will be used. This may cause problems for a tall man with a spread collar and a regular size tie. If he tries to wear a Full Windsor Knot his tie may become too short.

Other Factors to Remember

Try to remember this simple rule — match your tie to your clothing. Do not match your clothing to your tie.

The point behind this is that you shouldn’t buy a tie because it looks great on its own. You need it to match and complement an overall outfit.

Ask yourself these questions when matching ties to your outfit:

Are Your Dress Shirts and Ties Matching?

Your dress shirt must match your tie. Your tie will sit directly onto your shirt. If there is a color clash or mismatch of patterns it will be impossible to hide.

Will You Wear a Vest?

A vest can conceal at least 75% of a tie. This may be your chance to wear a brightly colored tie without it seeming over the top.

Is Your Tie and Suit Matching?

Plain dark colored suits go well with most tie colors and patterns. If you have already matched your tie to your shirt, a grey or navy suit will most likely match the ensemble. But, if you decide on wearing a dark shirt, a dark suit may be overwhelming.

If you want to stand out with brightly colored ties, dark suits match nicely. But lighter colored suits match darker shirt and tie colors.

Are You Sporting a Sports Jacket?

Sports jackets are more informal than suit jackets and blazers. The material of the sports jacket will determine which kind of tie you should wear. Many sports jackets look great with wool neckties or patterned paisley styles.

What Tie Works For You?

So, what tie works for you? These tips will help to match your tie and keep you looking sharp on every occasion.

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