What Every Man Should Know About Military Watches

A man’s timepiece is more than his wrist’s glittery accessory. Due to modern men’s fashion’s exclusion of extraneous bits and baubles, a man’s watch states loudly and clearly who that man is and what he has—or perhaps hopes to—accomplish. From just a flash of a watch face, an onlooker can understand a man’s social standing, financial habits, and sense of style
Recently, the military-style watch has become a popular trend amongst American males, but just because this rugged timepiece is currently fashionable doesn’t mean it only speaks positively about its wearer. If you want your military watch to sweet-talk your peers rather than scream uncomfortably at them, you would do well to learn all there is to know about the style.

Why They Are Awesome

The military is a demanding career field, and as such, it requires a precision timepiece with extraordinary features. Those who made the military-style watch famous required their timepieces to survive all sorts of unusual circumstances. The original wearers of military watches required a dependable timepiece
1) Military Watches Are Durable
Unlike dress watches which are made from various precious metals and gems, military watches are constructed from nearly indestructible materials like ceramic, diamond-like carbon (DLC), physical vapor deposition coating (PVD), canvas, and leather. These materials can withstand any and all conditions: immense pressure changes in air and at sea; sub-freezing temperatures and sub-tropical humidity; and jumping, rolling, falling, crunching, and any other physical activity you can imagine.
2) Military Watches Are Accurate
Plus, watches designed for the military absolutely cannot provide the incorrect time. So much military action depends on strict timetables and deadlines, and a watch that is even a second incorrect (either too early or too late) could lead to disaster. Military watches are constructed only of the finest quartz with laser-cut mechanisms to ensure long-term perfect accuracy even in extreme settings.

Which Brands Are Best?

Like any class of timepiece nowadays, military-style watches come in two distinct groups: digital and analog. If you aren’t sure exactly what suits your style, you should visit your local store or investigate designs online; Los Angeles-based Altivo Timepieces offers a wide selection of military watches and other stylish timepieces.
1) Digital 
Digital military watches are generally designed for function over figure, which means they are large and chunky — but they almost always out-perform their coiffed cousins. The G-Shock 6900 Military Series is one of the highest-rated digital military timepieces on the market; wearers adore this watch for its stealth features (black on black display and casing makes the watch difficult to see) and durability, which most G-Shock timepieces are famous for.
A close second is the Casio Men’s PRW2500T-7CR, which more adequately mixes crucial military features (atomic timekeeping, altimeter/barometer/compass readings, and more) with daily style.
2) Analog
Conversely, analog clocks are almost always small works of art, which means they immediately appear more sophisticated than their digital brethren. Analog designs come in both rugged and refined styles, and usually wearers must pick and choose their desired features — unlike digital watches which often come loaded with everything. For example, an excellent tough timepiece for air travel might be the Bell & Ross Military Ceramic, which is lightweight (always a good thing during flight) and boasts photo-luminescent marks that make the face readable day or night. In contrast, a more cultivated look would be the IWC Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph, which is designed to resemble a cockpit’s altimeter and offers outstanding features like a split-second hand for exact timing.

Who Can Wear Them — And When

Most watch snobs assert that military-style watches have absolutely no place on the wrists of “regular” men, who more frequently visit the boardroom than the war room. It’s true: A massive, rubber-coated digital timepiece will look as inappropriate with a suit and tie as would leather work boots and a bright yellow hard hat. If you work an average office job, you probably would look more stylish — and feel more comfortable — wearing a designer dress watch instead of one in the military style.
However, if you frequently engage in outdoor activities, such as high-octane adventures in rough terrains, you will inevitably have a need for a watch with more performance capability. In this case, you absolutely should purchase and wear a military-style watch that suits your needs adequately. You may even prefer to wear this style during more casual social engagements. However, you should still avoid pairing such rugged design with formal or professional outfits.

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