what is the average man like

Do you want to live your life being “average?”

To some, this is okay. And after all, if you’re happy then that’s really all that matters.

But for me, I am obsessed with breaking out of average and mediocrity. And lately this thought has been plaguing my mind more than ever.

[quote]”How can I stay away from average and be exceptional, in every area of my life?”[/quote]

At the end of the day I know the answer, and I think we all do.

(If you don’t, here it is in quick terms: Action  The only way to break out of average in any area is to get off the couch and take action. Over and over.)

But that’s why I created Menprovement.com. To help guys like you escape mediocrity and beat average, in every area of life. And no better time to start fresh than the new year.

So in honor of that, here’s a quick look at the average American man, so you know what you’re up against in 2015..

Better Than the Average Man

there’s a lot not mentioned here about the average man, like sex life and dating skills. Even confidence.

But in 2015 we’re going to be exploring every nook and cranny of the modern man and how to improve it, so you can break out of the average, and even raise it.

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Don’t waste another second.


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