What Is The Average Cost Of TRT For Men In The United States?

When you want to start TRT, you are likely concerned with the costs involved. The tips below explain how much it will cost for the average man. You might pay more or less, and your insurance may or may not cover these expenses. Read through each step in the TRT process so you understand what all the costs are meant for.

You Start With Blood And Lab Work

Lab services are required before you get started, and even a discounted program could cost about $329. You can get a free consultation in some cases, and you might get a cheaper self test that might cost as much $150. In some cases, you can get a discounted evaluation that might come down to about $75.

The idea behind this process is to get evaluated without going to your normal doctor. You may not want to file an insurance claim for these services because you might need to pay your deductible, and you can get discounted services outside of the doctor’s office. A doctor’s office is not going to give you a discount like a lab service company will.

Which Medical Services Are Included?

Your treatment plan will be created once your bloodwork has been evaluated by a doctor from HGH Therapy Clinic. The treatment plan will cost between $1200 and $1750, and the cost will drop about $500 after the first year. You may want to ask the doctor about a treatment plan that you can afford, and they will explain how much the plan changes once your first year is done.

Every office or doctor has a different plan for you, and you may want to ask different offices for quotes. You must do your research before starting, and you should work with a doctor or facility that makes you feel comfortable when you visit for each appointment.

How Much Does The Medication Cost?

Your hormone prescription should cost somewhere between $25 and $70 a month. Every location, doctor, and prescription is different. There are times when the prices might change if you work with a compounding pharmacy that can get you some discounts including:

  • Testosterone injections for $25-$35 a month
  • Testosterone creams for $20-$30 a month
  • High potency troches for $20-$30 a month
  • HCG injections for $40-$80 a month, only when needed
  • Oral prescriptions from $10-$30 a month, but only when needed

You can use the chart above to find better prices. Your location, pharmacies, and office change the prices that you get, and you should invest in the program that you believe is most affordable. Some people live in large suburban areas that give them several options, and you might spend less if you get your treatment outside the city center.

What Is The Total Average Cost of TRT?

The total average cost for these treatments is somewhere between $1650 and $3200 for the first year. Your costs can be dropped to somewhere between $600 and $1500 a year. You can get started on Testosterone Replacement Therapy today if you reach out to your hormone doctor or fill out the contact form on-line at hghtherapydoc.com and first of all get a free consultation.

What Does The Process Look Like?

You must start with your blood and lab work. This is a process that requires outside lab testing in most cases. You can order your tests from a lab that will provide you with confidential results, and you can bring those results to a doctor who will prescribe Testosterone Replacement Therapy. 

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