Boost your Sexual Confidence

The first date or just an incident meeting with a woman you have dreamt of for a long time almost always has a hint of stress for a man. For him it is the first and in some cases the last chance to enchant, get her attention and provoke irresistible desire to meet him again. That is a real challenge for shy men, who are not easy-going or the life of the party and are least likely to feel at ease.

The top priority here is to start a conversation: take the advantage of being the initiator of your date and choose the topic first. The woman often feels anxious about her appearance, trying to understand if she has matched her shoes and bag, if her lipstick goes well with her new manicure or if her wonderful dress really fits her.

For us it seems to have little sense, but for a girl it may turn out to be the only thing she cares about at the first date. To ensure secure topics you should not look a great deal of magazines or books through – everything is found out, planed out and even tried out!

One of the most popular topics among women is food and cooking. She will definitely get interested in you more if sees that you care much about her preferences and desires.

Different cuisines, methods of cooking, usual fridge essentials, favorite dishes – all this information helps get to know each other better, identify what kind of person you deal with and even how to spend time together: whether you are going to frequent a Japanese restaurant or a bar with marvelous Mexican Cookies round the corner.

You may also perform at your best and make a great first impression on a woman if you cook something extraordinary like, for example, Coconut Shrimp Sauce, at your own home. You will kill two birds with one shot: homemade delicious food, collective activity for both and as a bonus – her admiration and delight.

Talking about pets allows you to see a wide range of woman emotions and her real attitude. When she feels great about you, you will notice excitement, happiness, sadness and so on, but if she is plain, chances are she is just having polite, friendly conversation.

Then travel…That is an inexhaustible topic even when a person has no experience at all, it provokes dreaming, imagining and feeling happy. A good question “If you could click your finger and be in the ideal holiday location right now, where would it be?” raises her attraction level, makes her feel excited and who knows, may be destinations she thinks about are considered to be visited with you. But if you are looking for a topic that can be applied right at the moment, choose movies!

When talking about holidays, in most cases it is just a dream that will come true far in future and we are inclined to feel sorrow for being short of time and money, for facing a lot of problems with travel organization.

Movies is a safe topic, moreover cinemas are the affordable entertainment, which is always available and requires minimum time and money! So, failsafe topics for the first date are great in number and you will definitely find one or more to satisfy all the cravings for the ideal conversation.

When you are a couple and have moved in together, it comes as no surprise, that you are becoming extremely interested in what your partner talk about with her friends – other women.

But be sure, the topics differ greatly and you are not supposed to hold the same conversations that your woman likes to have with her girlfriends. Sometimes girls tend to discuss things, that they rank indecent if talking about them to you, some topics they consider boring for men or just feel shy and hesitate to discuss, for example gossips or celebrity news.

Almost all the women are inclined to keep diet, skip meals to look a million dollars and to dress to kill, but all this is supposed to look natural for men, just like if your woman had wonderful figure just by virtue of her existence without taking any efforts. No woman wants to confess that she prepares Protein Cookies just because she puts on weight if lacking protein. For this reason, do not try to interfere in girls’ conversations and stay off them.



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