Do You Aspire to Vape in Style?

Smoking isn’t big and it’s certainly not clever, but it’s always had a certain charm when it comes to the big screen and television.

Think James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Some of the most iconic photographs of these stars include a cigarette in their hands (or maybe mouth in James Dean’s case).

Like it or not, for many smokers, smoking can be seen as cool. If a smoker is going to give up cigarettes, the last thing they want to do is look ‘uncool’ vaping away on something which looks like it can change the channel on your TV.

So how can a smoker switch to vaping without losing too much ‘street-cred’?


Can Vaping Ever Be Cool?

Vaping is certainly safer than smoking, but it’s not very sexy. A look at your average cig-alike with an LED tip, or large bulky sub ohm box mod vape won’t set the pulse racing at all. Because vaping hardware just isn’t sexy. At all.

Or at least it wasn’t, until manufacturers decided to adopt a sleek style that the competition are aspiring to duplicate.

Vaping has been around for a good ten years, and in the last five we’ve seen an explosion of devices hitting the market which are designed with style in mind, just as much as functionality.

The cig-a-likes are on the way out, as are the big flute-like pens. We’ve entered the age of the slick Pod system and compact devices that sit in the palm of your hand. The days of carry cases for vapes are behind us.

But just how cool you want to look when vaping, all depends on what kind of vaper you’re going to be.


Nicotine Junkies v Vape Hipsters

Is a throaty nicotine hit needed to replace the cigarettes? Or are you all about blowing massive clouds while experiencing all of the crazy flavours on the market?

These are two totally different types of vaping.

If you prefer nicotine over clouds, then you’ll need a device which works well with PG e-liquids. And if big plumes of fog are your thing, you’ll need a sub-ohm device which can handle the much thicker VG juices.

Non-sub-ohm devices tend to be pen-shaped and can make you feel pretty self-conscious. This is the last thing you want when you’re already fighting the urge to reach for the trusty smokes. They can also be a bit fiddly when it comes to maintenance and they have a habit of leaking. Not what you want when your cravings are kicking in.

The sub-ohm devices are often associated with people sporting big fluffy beards, releasing great big clouds into the air. Let’s call these the ‘hipster vapers’. While this is a huge generalisation, these kind of vapers are the hobbyists. They have massive tanks and powerful batteries which do all kinds of fancy things.

But what if you’re not really interested in ‘the scene’ and you just want to experience some of the more exotic flavours without being labelled as a hipster? Or perhaps you just need the nicotine and want use a device which doesn’t make you feel like an odd-ball?


Vapes to Aspire To

Aspire is one of the World’s most recognisable vape hardware brands, and they are leading the way when it comes to designing devices that ‘just work’ and that you’re happy to show off to your pals.

Here, we’re casting our eyes over two of their sexiest pieces of kit. One that brings a touch of style to the world of sub-ohm vaping, and one that shows that pod-based vapes don’t have to be disposable, plasticky and oh-so dull.


The Sexy Sub Ohm Vape

It’s called the Pockex AIO. Look at it. It’s just a little bit shorter than your trusty iPhone 5s, so you know it’s not going to take up too much pocket or handbag space, especially compared to the huge and bulky box mods currently dominating the market.

It just looks beautiful, no matter which colour you pick, and it’s definitely a much more fashionable option than some of the other hardware on the market.

But we all know looks aren’t everything. Does this baby have it where it counts? Can it perform?

Yes. Let’s look at some of the vital statistics:

  •         Top-fill tank, to reduce those spillages
  •         Top-mounted coil, so you can switch coils on a full tank
  •         Dual resistance coils – choose from high VG eliquid or high PG eliquid settings
  •         Micro-USB charger for easy charging from any PC or laptop

Looks great, feels comfortable in the hand, and works superbly with any type of eliquid.

What could be better than this?

Well, how about a self-contained pod vape system that offers style and discretion?


The Beautiful Pod Vape

This naughty little thing is the Aspire Nautilus. And the most stylish thing about it is the simplicity.

Let’s face it. Vaping can be a little bit dorky. Lots of fiddling around with little bottles and swapping coils, and then having to clean eliquid off your hands because the nozzles are really tiny and you’re trying to flirt and have a glass of wine at the same time…

You get none of this with the Nautilus, because it’s a pod system vape.

Instead of deconstructing your vape, you fill the removable pod through the no-spill silicone plug, click it into the body of the Nautilus and press the button. Voila! You’re vaping.

And when you consider that this tiny vape is less than 9cm tall and 4cm wide, you’ll definitely have space for it in your pocket or handbag. What more could you want when you’re trying to give up cigarettes and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself?

So what do you think? Could 2019 finally be the year that vaping stops being dorky and starts being sexy? Do you like the look of these ecigarettes, or are the designs not quite there?

Let us know. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!

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