Driving is one of the most dangerous activities we do on a daily basis. It may seem surprising considering the level of safety elements all vehicles come equipped with. Nevertheless, the dangers exist. Various electronic devices often cause distracted driving and car-crash fatalities.

Drivers who use their vape pens on the road are already a common thing. Many smokers switched to vaping in the last few years. People like to take a puff while driving to work or traveling by car.

Half of truck drivers smoke cigarettes. The main reason why truckers smoke is a highly stressful job. Even if they start long before their job has been chosen, they find it difficult to drop their habit. Even when they start to suffer from shortness of breath, cough, and more serious health problems, they can’t quit because of the stress levels.

More and more truck drivers chose vaping as a healthier smoking alternative. One study says that vaping truckers may live 5 to 10 years longer than those who continue to smoke traditional cigarettes.

Drivers want to know whether it is safe to use a vapor pen while operating a vehicle. It is actually the same as doing anything else at the wheel. You just need to be properly prepared and take precautions.

Hidden Threat

Vaping can cause some problems to drivers. Let’s look at them:


  • Fogged Vision


Newbies as well as experienced in the practice note that impaired vision is the biggest trouble. When you exhale vapor in front of you, the vision becomes foggy for a few seconds. This can be really hazardous. There’re several ways to manage this problem.

  • Open windows. E-liquid produces a mist that doesn’t dissipate fast in closed spaces. Even if you lower the window for a few inches, it will let the outside air and help to clear vapor from your car.
  • Aim vapor. Don’t exhale right in front of you. A clear vision of the road is vital. Try to exhale in the direction of the opening.
  • Reduce VG. The type of e-juice is also important. A high level of VG (vegetable glycerin) in a sub-ohm tank is responsible for producing thicker clouds. Reduce the volume of VG and you will see an improvement at once.



  • Distractions


Nothing should affect your attentiveness while driving. Get ready beforehand.

  • Watch your nicotine intake. High nicotine levels can cause dizziness. While this may last for a short moment, accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. Use juice with a lower level of nicotine.  
  • Stay hydrated. Vaping has a drying effect on the throat. To avoid focusing on that or having a fit of coughing, always have a bottle of water in your car.
  • Store your vaping gear safely. Keep everything you need in one place. Searching for an e-juice while steering the wheel is a bad idea. If you need the change a vape pen battery or something like that, make a stop, fix things, and continue driving.
  • Mind a road surface. If the road you go by has potholes or an uneven surface, don’t hold your e-cig too close to your teeth.
  • Use vapes with built-in tanks. Drip-style models require users to drip new e-juice onto the coils regularly. This can distract your hands from the wheel and your eyes from the road.



  • Windscreen Build-Up


When you start vaping in the car, you soon notice that it becomes harder to see out of your windshield and windows. Vegetable glycerine leaves an oily film on windshields. It’s irritating and impairs your vision.

In order to prevent build-up, wash your windows on a regular basis. A window cleaner with vinegar is ideally suited for its purpose. If you don’t have any cleaning spray around, a mixture of vinegar and water will make your windows shine.

Legal Issues

Using a vaporizer pen while driving is not illegal. At least, there are no laws banning it.

The growing number of car accidents involving distracted drivers was the good reason for many states to ban the use of “handheld electronic devices” while operating a motor vehicle on a traveled part of a road. We cannot use smartphones, iPods, laptop computers, and other portable electronic devices while driving. But the category can be widened.

In the US, local law enforcement has the power to decide what a potentially distracting “handheld electronic device” is. A citizen of New York earned traffic ticket for vaping behind the wheel. The officer explained that though e-cigs on not included in the list of banned things, they are “portable and electronically powered”.

To avoid attracting the attention of police, ensure that your car is free of vapor. If it is full of thick fog, the officer can stop you on safety grounds. You can get a traffic citation as the man from New York. Besides, they may assume that you smoke marijuana.

Why E-Cigs Are Safer than Regular Cigarettes for Driving

If your best vape pen is charged up and filled up, it’s safer to vape than to smoke on the road. Here’re three reasons why. You don’t have to:

  • fumble around the car for a lighter;
  • deal with ash while you’re smoking;
  • get rid of waste all the time (throw butts and clean the ashtray).

In general, taking one hand off the wheel won’t cause a problem if you stay focused on the road. It is the same when you take a drink or eat something.

Driving with one hand on the wheel for any reason can lower your reaction time. But frankly speaking, all of us do it sometimes. So, there isn’t any additional danger associated with vaping.


No matter what you bring to your car, be it a hamburger to an e-cig, be a responsible driver. Regulations are constantly changing, so keep abreast of the latest legal updates. And always take basic precautionary measures.

About the Author: Phyllis Baker specializes in self-development and health as a writer. She manages public relations for the quitting smoking community.



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