7 Things You Should Consider Before Going To A Vape Store

While vaping is indeed fun, beginners might have a tough time deciding which technique to pick. You not only need to go with high-quality vapes also put measures into understanding ways to leverage a refreshing vaping session.
This article attempts to present you with essentials so that you don’t miss out on enjoyable vaping time along with keeping everyone safe.
Going to a vape store might be due to several reasons. Deciding to quit regular cigarette smoking often gets people to pick a vape. You will usually have nicotine cravings and now that you’ve quit smoking, there’s no way you could light another cigarette. In such cases, a vape can work as a temporary substitute to let you go on with your decision to never smoke a cigarette again. Whether it’s quitting cigarettes or intention to have a fun experience, it’s vital to pay heed to below-mentioned things.

You might cough for the first time

Whether you’ve had a habit of smoking or you are going to vape just out of peer pressure, it’s significantly common to watch people cough after their first hit. Smokers might find this more prevalent because quitting cigarette smoking often leaves a person prone to coughing. However, this only tends to remain for a while and is vastly due to incorrect vaping techniques.
In case you’re unable to inhale correctly, which isn’t rare when you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to either refer reliable sources or have a friend to accompany you. Before going to vape stores, do your homework and learn substantially about vaping and what all goes into making it a fun yet safe experience.

Decide whether you’re going to vape alone

Before you head to a vape shop, you need to assess are you up for group sessions with your friends or would you prefer vaping in solace. The kind of device you need to pick will vary depending on how and where you’re going to use it. A session vape is perfect for group vaping time, however, you will need what’s called an on-demand vape if you are going to keep your device merely for private sessions.
Both of these employ different vaping mechanisms so as to provide you with enough hit to make huge clouds in the air. Former comes handy when you need to pass your device quite frequently as these vapes are designed to heat the vaping liquid for a specific time only. An on-demand vape will be a better choice in the other situation because such vapes tend to save vaping material, thus allowing extended use.  

Be careful with the batteries

Almost all kinds of e-cigarettes come with ion based rechargeable batteries that need to be kept with utmost care. For this, it’s crucial to invest in an authentic charger so that your device doesn’t get damaged due to an improper charging mechanism. If you’re purchasing a vape that has removable batteries, practice regular maintenance to avoid any accidents.
Look for apparent signs of wear and tear in order to figure out the replacement time. Maintaining these devices also includes ensuring that you don’t let anyone get exposed to a vape having a malfunctioning battery. Vapes can only last years if you are proactive about the condition your device is in. Using them for hours without considering timely damage can significantly reduce the time your vape will be functional.

Indoor vaping might not be allowed everywhere

Before getting into vaping, you also need to keep in mind that this activity might not be permitted in certain places. Make sure you are aware of such restrictions in order to safely use your device where it doesn’t cause any trouble for anyone around you. Typically, you won’t find people vaping in public places because the government has made it quite restricted to private use only.

Nicotine strength depending on past smoking habit

Apart from the flavor, Nicotine strength is a critical factor that needs to be considered while vaping, based on past experiences and duration of smoking. Nicotine strength can easily be translated as the nicotine density or the quantity of it present in per unit volume of the juice. If you’ve had previous experiences in smoking and are confident enough with your capacity, you should be able to quantify the strength for yourself.
Usually, for beginners, you could start with 0mg/ml e-liquid, whereas the quantity around 3mg to 6mg could be taken if you’ve regularly been smoking. However, if you have been a heavy smoker, you can set the dosage to somewhere between 12 mg/ml to 18 mg/ml e-liquid.

Choose between direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vapes

Depending on how you would want to enjoy your smoke, or what technique you have a better hand in, you will have to choose between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung devices. It is crucial that you carefully distinguish between both these categories as there is some technical difference in the way one needs to inhale.
In case of mouth to lung devices, the use is much similar to disposable e-cigarettes or pod vapes where the user needs to draw the vapor into their mouths before actually inhaling it. As the process is much identical to regular smoking, it is generally opted for by newbies. However, in case of direct to lungs devices produce lighter vapor and taken in directly by lungs.

You will need to change coils timely

Using a vape can only be a fun experience if you are able to keep up with various parts like coils that need to be replaced after a specific time. Firstly, make sure to look for vape reviews and testimonials to understand which device will be most suited for you. Once you’ve figured out a suitable device, be mindful of the change in taste which generally shifts towards burnt when you need coil replacement.
Again, it’s essential to go for genuine coils only so that you can have a reliable company backing you up in case of an issue with the device. If you notice a malfunctioning coil or an unbearable taste, conveniently put new coils in place of damaged or burnt out ones.

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