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valentine day 2014

Valentines Day! It is one of the happiest days of the year; everyone is in love and buying flowers and chocolates for their hunny and the world is just enveloped in peace, love and harmony.

Wait, what? Valentines day is not always the happiest day in the world.

You may find yourself single, either newly or worn in singledom, or you may find yourself let down when the big day finally rolls around. On the other hand, you may have a special someone to share that day with.

Whatever Valentine’s Day brings you this year, there are always ways to improve how you spend your day. Being single on Valentine’s Day does not always have to be a bad thing and being in a relationship does not always have to be stressful when you think of how to surprise her.

1) Many people are single on Valentine’s Day; bars/clubs are still crawling with other sad, lonely singles. And guess what? You are all looking for some company; use this to your advantage.

Go out and pick someone up.

There are many articles on here on how to find one-night stands, booty calls, and all sorts of dating advice. Read them and use them this Valentine’s Day. You may find that Valentine’s Day could be a new beginning for you! 😉

When you do get lucky, if you live in a big city and walk home, stop at a flower cart on the way and buy her just a single rose; however you may head home, look for the opportunity to buy her a rose. It is not how many roses you buy her, it’s the sentiment behind it and I assure you, she will be swooning.

2) Flower carts are everywhere on Valentine’s Day; florists have beautiful bouquets and different pieces to buy for loved ones. Yes, you can buy/send flowers or even chocolates to your parents or siblings.

If you have a larger family, sending a card in the mail, e-card or cute text would suffice; or hell, even a phone call would be nice, and everyone will appreciate the thought.

Who better to show love than your family; after all, is that not the purpose of V-day? Showing love to other people is what it is all about.

3) Having a girlfriend means flowers are a necessity. If you think that having flowers on the counter or scattered on the bed when she gets home is romantic, try sending those same flowers to her job.

Sending those same flowers to her via a man dressed in brown at work, you have taken something that makes her happy, but sending them to her at work makes her even happier because now all her friends are jealous, on top of this romantic gesture. Her co-workers see that her boyfriend loves her and sends her flowers to work. She will come home so excited and you will surely get the play you have been dreaming of.

4) Invite all your single friends over and have a little party. Everyone could bring their favorite dish, or buy something. It is an old-school potluck dinner; food is easy when everyone brings something.

Dollar stores have paper plates, plastic ware, napkins and pretty much anything else you may need for a party at a cheap cost to you; this option is great for clean up too!

If you know you can absolutely count on your friends to not cancel, it’s a good idea to find out how many people want to bring appetizers, entrées and desserts, so that everyone doesn’t show up with brownies and chips and salsa.

There are many ways to set up dinner parties, even for guys. Play poke or another card game, set up a safe spot to play darts. Bring only appetizers and then go out for drinks after. The key is that you do it with other people.

5) Do something spontaneous, either alone or with friends/girlfriend. If you can, play hooky from work and go on a little road trip to a nearby town; V-day is on a Friday this year, remember.

Even if getting out of work early is not possible, make it a night drive. Road trips are beautiful when you can drive through towns at night and see all the lights. This is something you can do with single friends and it is a good idea for couples.

The thought that goes into this really starts to win us over, if you have not already; doing this with friends can turn into an adventure you never forget.

Going to your nearest big city, the casino or museums could also be a possible alternative. I find laser tag to be rather exciting, myself. You get to shoot people, its usually in the dark and your clothes glow; what could be more fun? Especially for guys.

6) Spend the day pampering yourself. Valentine’s Day is about showing love; showing love to yourself is the best thing you can do.

Go get a massage, or if you work out, go to the gym.

Working out is not only amazing for your body, but it also does wonders for your emotional and brain health, as well. It releases those “feel-good hormones”; when your pulse rises, your heart rate rises and so does the amount of oxygen to your brain, creating an environment for ample cell growth and healthy functioning of the brain. Not to mention all the anti-depressant qualities a good work out provides; the list goes continues.

If it is you and your girl, try getting a couples massage or send her out to get a mani/pedi while you clean the house up a bit for her; wink, wink. A gym outing together would also be a good choice to get both your juices flowing; seeing each other getting all sweaty and toned is a real turn on and will have you ripping clothes off on the drive home.

7) Couples who cook together, stick together, I say. Plan to cook a meal together for the big day; even if neither of you are a Chef in the kitchen, following a recipe is not hard.

Find something you both like and in your ability range and get to work!

Working in a kitchen requires teamwork for everything to fall into place in the end. This will make you work together to make your dinner; when you are sitting at the table, with a home cooked meal in front of you, you will both be so proud of yourselves and each other for your creation.

If you want to get extra romantic, cook a meal for her and surprise her with it when she gets home. Follow this up by a steamy, bubbly, candle-lit bath for dessert; add a bouquet of flowers and some rose petals sprinkled in the water and bubbles and you have a sure fire recipe for action. Enjoy!

8) Valentine’s Day is just another day, but that does not mean you cannot turn it into a new start. Change something in your life; get a haircut, change your hair color, rearrange your furniture; change things around.

Yes, rearrange your furniture. I have found that rearranging my apartment can be exciting; I always try to drastically move furniture around, like switching up pieces from different rooms. It feels like a new place without all the cost. Being that it is normally cold during this time of the year, you probably will not be spending ample time outside. Therefore, you do not have an excuse not to do something productive in the house.

Use this as a chance at another New Year’s! Make some new resolutions, if you have not been following through with your old ones. The only way to keep things progressing is by changing and adapting, so do something different this year.


Whether you are single or coupled up, Valentine’s Day, does not have to be depressing or stressful.

Advanced planning can relieve some stress from the big V-day; a “spontaneous” road trip could be a fun or relaxing weekend, depending on what you are looking for; planning a potluck with friends, or making dinner for or with your special someone; staying home and just pampering yourself or changing up your living quarters.

The most important thing to remember through all of this is, Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday and is just like the days prior to it and the days following it.

Do not get down on yourself because it is not quite what the movies portray it to be; no Hollywood movies portray life the way it truly happens for us common people.

The day will really be what you, yourself make of it; so do something with the day and make it a new start for yourself and send yourself some flowers, you deserve them!

Happy Valentine’s Everyone!

Good luck and Good dating! Jane. And don’t forget to subscribe for good dating Karma ; )


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