The Complete Style Guide for the Urban Gentleman

The Complete Style Guide for the Urban Gentleman

Far removed from the prim and proper reputation of yore, today’s gentlemen are suave creatures who are not afraid to mix the dressing up with the dressing down.

The combination of smart and casual clothing allows him to mix and match his tastes, the old-fashioned standard of a tailored gent meeting the style of contemporary fashion brands.

If you are looking to join the ranks of these modern renaissance men, you need to look no further than this guide. Read on to find out how to dress like the ultimate urban gentleman.

Blaze a Trail

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The humble blazer has been a staple of the smart-casual wardrobe since the 1800s, and for very good reason. It allows you to insert a level of formality into your outfit, without having to don a full suit.

Blazers come in many shapes and styles, and it will mainly come down to your own personal taste. For 2016, the textured woollen materials of tweed and herringbone are definitely in, so remove all images of stuffy college and university professors from your mind and embrace the trend.

This grey herringbone blazer from Paul Smith ticks all of the right boxes, and will look great with a shirt and tie, knitwear, or even just a T-shirt. The tailored cut and notch lapel create a striking silhouette, and the teal ‘Star’ print lining is a great addition to an already top-notch jacket.

The Three Amigos

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There are three main trouser styles that work wonders in an urban gentleman’s wardrobe: denim, chinos, and wool. The smartest of the trio is the wool option, and you can get a whole variety of blends that offer different finishes and textures. Choose a pair that match your upper half, especially if you plan on wearing a light-coloured blazer.

Jeans are at the more casual end of the spectrum, and you may already have a few pairs you can use in your new look. Opt for a pair that are dark coloured, well-fitting, and without any unnecessary design features like rips or embroidery.

Chinos are a comfortable middle ground, with much of the smartness of wool trousers and the comfortable fit of jeans. You can get a wide variety of colours and styles so don’t be afraid to experiment to create your perfect outfit.

Go Oxford

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The town of Oxford was the place that the gentlemen of times gone by went to get the very best education the world had to offer. Although not actually from Oxford, the Oxford shirt was named after the prestigious town in a clever marketing ploy designed to bill it as luxury clothing item that would be associated with the respectable gents who attended the university. The trick worked and the shirt was adopted as the shirt of choice for the elegant-minded man.

Every aspiring urban gentleman should own at least one Oxford shirt as part of their wardrobe. The versatility of the shirt is exceptional as it can be worn for a range of occasions, from formal to casual.

Good old Marks & Spencer is the king of the high-street shirt market, and their tailored-fit Oxford shirt is clean, comfortable, and handsome. Pair it with a patterned tie for a smart look, or leave the tie at home and simply undo the top button for a tidy dress-down feeling.

Invest in a Cool Timepiece

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While you can keep the majority of your look as classy as you like, a great way to inject some casual style into your outfit is to invest in a colourful, chunky watch. As the watch is not something that can overpower the smarter look you are going for, you can have some fun when choosing your favourite style and it will look great in contrast with the dressier items you are wearing.

One of the best watch lines to achieve this effect is the Casio G-Shock range, which comes in a huge variety of bright colours and rugged designs.

Fat Buddha Store stocks an expansive range of G-Shock watches in many different colourways, with a mix of analogue and digital formats giving you a lot of choice if you prefer one or the other. There are even some models that combine the two for the best of both worlds.

In Conclusion

With these top tips, you will have no excuse not to look like the perfect urban gentleman. So be sure to embrace your inner gent-about-town, and have some fun putting together your own unique look.


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