Unorthodox Ways Your Clothes Affect Your Mood

The infamous saying known as “clothes make the man” may have had some relevance and context to it after all and you should dive right into this post to see what we’re talking about and how it’s a lot like what you’ll find over at
You need to keep the following in mind for whatever you wish to wear next:

1. Your Clothes Make You A Better Thinker

According to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, researchers had a group of subjects dressed in formal business clothing to perform a series of five experiments that challenged their cognitive processing abilties. They found that the subjects could think faster on their feet and could generate more creative ideas. Scientists have speculated that the way you dress can change your perception of people, objects, and events around you, allowing to come up with fresh ideas and a brand new perspective.

2. Your Clothes Can Make You Feel Powerful

Apart from helping you come up with new ideas, the study also found that people who wear business attire felt significantly more powerful and in control of the situation than their under-dressed peers.

3. Your Clothes Can Make You Smarter

It is discovered that dressing in clothing that’s associated with intelligence, such as a pilot’s uniform or a doctor’s coat, may not only make you look smarter, but may also actually make you smarter as well, according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. The researchers of this study gave lab coats to subjects (none of whom were doctors, by the way) and asked them to perform a series of complex tasks. The results found that those in white coats made significantly fewer mistakes than those in street clothes.
The scientists had repeated the process, only this time, they had all of the participants wear lab coats. However, half of the participants were told that they were wearing lab coats while the other half were told that they wearing paint smocks. Once again, the people in the “doctor’s coats” performed better on their tests, which only shows that it’s not just what you wear, but what you think you wear that counts.

4. Your Clothes Make You Exercise Harder

In 2004, athletes wearing red won more events than those who wore blue. This inspired researchers to investigate whether it was just a coincidence or if there something special about the color red. In a study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, it was revealed that people who exercised in red could lift heavier than those wearing blue, despite the fact that both groups had similar rates of exertion. But before you toss your blue workout gear, understand that the researchers never said that red workout sportsmen won more often.

5. Clothes Can Make You More Honest

There may be a hidden easter egg in wearing knock-offs, according to a Harvard study published in Psychological Science. Researchers of the study gave people fancy new glasses, telling half of the group they were counterfeit while the other half was told they were designer. The ones wearing knock-offs were more likely to cheat in the middle of a subsequent game and expressed more suspicion of the other players. It turns out that wearing fake clothing makes you feel like a fake and also make you believe that others are fake as well.

6. Clothes Make You Focus Better

Getting yourself to focus on a task, especially when it’s a boring one, makes the battle only half won, especially when it comes to many jobs. It’s the same way as the subjects in the “lab coat” study who were able to focus harder and longer than the ones who were only wearing a painte’s smock.

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