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The essay is a literary genre that consists of the subjective exposition, written in prose, on a specific subject on which the personal perspective is applied, whether in the humanistic, scientific, political, cultural, social, philosophical, artistic fields, among others. The essay does not keep any formal requirement but is free style of the author, since it is about reflections and arguments focused on the expression of his opinion.

Like poetry, drama and narrative, the essay is part of the literary genre and within it, of didactics. The essay is an open explanation and interpretation on a certain topic and its purpose is not informative, as is a report. What it seeks is to persuade and convince with its reflective argument without exhausting the subject, influencing the reader’s way of thinking, of what becomes subjective and flexible.

Although unlike other texts the essay does not have a rigid structure or a rigorous organization of the content, since its style is free, its writing can denote scientific characteristics and simultaneously, literary. Therefore we affirm that there are two types of essays: the scientific and the literary, although some also mention the argumentative and expository essay. The parts of the essay are the same classical parts of every text, however its wording does not have a formal and defined structure, since the main feature of this type of writing is the freedom that the writer has to organize its content.


In the introduction the author presents the topic to be developed, since it is the first part of the writing. The essayist gives his opinion beforehand, a thesis that he will try to demonstrate later giving him solidity in the body of the essay.

In the case of scientific essay, the introduction is the presentation of a theory or hypothesis that offers the solution of a problem, and that will be defended through the development of the essay, providing the greatest amount of documentary support or possible argumentative evidence.

In the argumentative essay a thesis is exposed in the introduction, and it is about defending that idea throughout the development of the essay with subjective opinions, which do not have to be scientific as in the previous one.

In the literary essay the introduction is intended to put the reader in knowledge of the background of the work to be analyzed, situating it in the aspects that the essayist is interested in.


It is the longest part of the work, also called body, where the essayist argues the exhibition with information, data, comparisons, examples and other resources, always leaving his subjective opinion and personal style manifest. Development is the most important part of the essay, in which the content that the reader wants to know is told.

In the scientific essay, the tests to which the proposed thesis will be presented, the comparisons with different theories, the bibliography used and any other type of elements that refute or prove the theory affirmed in the hypothesis will be presented. While in argumentative one, all based on the own opinion or other related that have validity to strengthen the own one and to dismantle the opposite opinions. When using the ideas of other people it is necessary to make clear their authorship and the source from which the reference has been extracted.

In the literary essay, textual citations of the work that is analyzed in quotes must be incorporated, and preferably in italics if a computer is used.


In the conclusion, which is the last part of the essay, the author summarizes the main ideas, clearly reaffirming their position. The conclusion should be brief, as well as the introduction, in relation to the total extension of the exhibition. If the essay is one page, it will reach three or four lines for the conclusion, but three pages may be necessary if the essay has an extension of twenty pages. By knowing various aspects of the essay then you will automatically find your own essay solution. But anyway, looking for help is quite a recommended action, and in this online age you get a lot of convenience. In online, the source of solving issues of purchase of an essay is considered    


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