ugly christmas sweaters

ugly christmas sweaters

With the impending holidays come many traditions—some as boring as listening (yet again) to that one ice fishing story that Grandpa has, some as stressful as choosing the perfect gift for that special lady in your life.

A new and super fun tradition that has been growing rapidly in popularity is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, celebrated on the second Friday of every December. On this day, you can join thousands as they replace their staid work suits with the brightest, most bauble-y Christmas sweater available. This new tradition has a great charitable side as well: participants can join the “Make The World Better With A Sweater” campaign held by Save the Children.

Save the Children has been traveling across the world to help children in need for over 80 years. They have handed out food and clothing to these kids, and provided a world-class education to people in incredibly remote areas. Every day they make very real changes in the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. Currently, Save the Children is focusing much of their hard work to aid the West African families affected by the outbreak of Ebola.

So what does wearing a sweater have to do with helping children? Well, you can use the bright beacon of a Christmas sweater to raise awareness for this charity’s needs! The first step is to find (or order) a garish holiday-themed sweater—you know the type, the one that probably has a red-faced Santa and reindeer plastered across the front. On December 12, pair it with some awesome winter boots to keep your look rugged and stylish, then go forth and be jolly.

If you want to celebrate Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on your own, you can make a personal donation to Save the Children, but flashy sweaters are always more fun when everyone else is wearing one, too. Compare your tacky sweater with your coworkers’ at an office party to celebrate the event, or throw your own Ugly Sweater Party at your place.

Or you can use another idea to spread the news of this new tradition. Everyone who participates can put some money into a jar toward Save the Children, and you can have a contest for the Best Ugly Sweater. The winner can receive an awesome prize like a slate coaster set, and everyone will have a fantastic time as they embrace the cheerful gaudiness that comes hand-in-hand with Christmas festivities.

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is a great day to improve the world while improving your christmas sweater game & just enjoying yourself. By gathering all the be-sweatered manpower at your disposal, you can give children across the world a better life.

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