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If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade your trusty semi truck and your street cred, consider investing in lights, covers, screens and truck tires for ultimate looks. These thoughtfully designed accessories are among the simplest and most affordable options for enhancing not only your rig but also your driving comfort, pleasure and security. When you shop for the following accessories, including Kenworth seat covers, you can expect to find a huge variety of color, style, design and price options.


There’s a whole new world of interior and exterior lights to brighten up your trucking life and keep you lit! From LED marker lights to cab lights, headlights, light bars and light strips, there are many options for you to consider. Upgrade your cab’s interior with colored LED light strips or pump up your truck’s visibility with projection headlights. Whatever product you choose, you’re sure to express your style while taking your truck’s performance to the next level.

Seat Covers

Rev up your literal and style cool factor with high-quality seat covers from major manufacturers. Whether you favor Caterpillar or Kenworth seat covers, most products feature durable, breathable materials such as corduroy and leather. Cushioned or gel seat covers give you supreme comfort as they fit your form. Invest in a comfort makeover for you and a style makeover for your cab! As you might expect, manufacturers provide a wide range of colors and styles.

Armrest Covers 

Armrests are the unsung heroes of life on the road. They’re the recipients of constant wear and tear, staining and soiling. If you’re not prepared to fork out for a whole new set of seat covers, how about a pair of armrest covers for the driver’s seat? Constructed of the same durable materials as seat covers, they typically feature zippers or stays for easy-on installation.

Window Covers

When you spend most of your life in your rig, temperature control and privacy are super important to you. Invest in a set of exact-fitting window covers and beat the heat and the cold. Not only do they help you control the temperature inside your rig, but they also save your cab’s dash and fittings from damage from UV rays.

Window Screens

Half- and full-size window screens allow you to capture breezes through your rig’s open windows whenever you need a rest from the road. They help you stay cool and comfortable while you nap or relax and give you a little visual privacy, too. Many truckers choose to up their cool factor by pairing a box fan with their truck window screen!

As you can see, these products can simply enhance your truck and your driving pleasure. Further, they’re available at a range of prices to suit your budget. Ready to grab a pair of Kenworth seat covers, a set of Peterbilt window covers or a flexible LED strip light today? Browse automotive retailers’ sites and shop to your heart’s content. With a little effort, you can make a huge difference to your driving life no matter how much time you spend behind the wheel of your rig.


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