triple 9 ties

triple 9 ties

Some guys say the suit makes the man. Well I for one think that the tie makes the suit. Ipso facto – the tie makes the man.

Not really, but ties are important!

But one more thing they are, is f*$king expensive.

This little piece of cloth often has us running up bills in the $50’s and $60’s. Not to mention the $100 + for designer brands. Essentially, the markup’s are absurd.

And quite frankly, I’m tired of it!

Lucky, this world does have some really good people in it.

That’s where Triple 9 Ties comes in.

Triple 9 Ties is a new startup that has also had enough of the ridiculously high markup’s that are on nearly all ties available to men.

They recognize that a low price doesn’t have to be met with low quality, and a reasonable margin is certainly doable while still generating some profit.

And they did it!

They really did – Triple 9 Ties is bringing men quality ties for only $9.99.

I have been fortunate enough to grab one of these ties for myself and I cannot lie – the quality is there. They compete with some of my nicest ties, from J Crew and Macy’s, which I paid a pretty penny for.

And another bonus: Each tie you order comes with its own personal tie clip. Yes, a metal tie clip is included, still for only $9.99.  I have seen tie clips being sold for $185.00 alone. Yikes.

And wait there more!

Shipping is free as well, so these ties + tie clips are truly $9.99. That’s a beautiful thing.

I wanted to get the word out there, because as more guys are needing suits for work, interviews and dating – and with the prices continuing to go up, we need a place to get great ties for a cheap price.

And these prices are perfect for young gun’s who just entered the workforce. A tie for everyday of the week for only $70.00.

And we all know how easily ties can get destroyed. I mean, I am not as serious about it as Barney Stinson, but when a tie takes enough damage – I am likely to never touch it again. It’s nice to know a replacement is only $9.99 away.

So if you are a man.

And you wear ties.

And you like money.

Check out Triple 9 Ties. Your wallet, and appearance will thank you.


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