Finally..Clothes Designed For The Athletic Man, So You Can Look as Good With Your Shirt on As You do With it Off

So you look like this:

Muscular Man

Congrats brother. All your hard work has paid off, the girls love you and you feel great too.

But the reason this article was created is because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for you.

Although your hard work has paid off, part of your life has began to suffer.

Your style.

It goes like this:

You gained 40 pounds of muscle and lost 40 pounds of clothing in the process.

Your button downs no longer fit, your plain white Tee’s are all busting at the seams and your daily wardrobe has been reduced to a different color tank top for each day of the week.

Fear no more..

While clothing companies typically design their lines around the average man, who you certainly are not, one company has strayed from the path to create clothes designed specifically for the athletic man. Specifically for you.

You’ve put in the time to look great without a shirt on, and one company has put in the time so you can look great with one on as well.

Meet Trim Menswear.

Trim Menswear is a clothing company designed by Mike Zeller specifically catering to the athletic man.

At Trim, they believe you deserve to have clothes that fit, and not only do they fit but they feel and look awesome.

trim menswear pic

Here’s what Trim’s all about From The Mouth of CEO Mike Zeller:

As an athletic man, you shouldn’t have to choose between the lesser of two evils: a boxy and a baggy shirt that swallows up your frame or a slim fit shirt that pulls and bunches through the shoulders and chest.

Frustrated with the difficulty in finding that quality shirt with the perfect fit and the right looks, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and change that by creating that shirt myself. Teaming up with a celebrity stylist, a New York fashion designer and a Nashville fashion management grad, we designed 30 shirts in three phases of improvement until hitting the right balance and solving my shopping frustrations: fit + style + function. In early 2015 Trim’s first line of ultra-comfortable American-made shirts was born here in Nashville.

Our premium shirts are designed to flatter your frame with plenty of breathing room in the chest and shoulders and a tapered fit through the waist. Each fabric we have selected incorporates a healthy dose of stretch allowing you to move throughout your day. Men are made to be active. We believe our clothes should be too.

At Trim, we define the perfect balance of style, athletic fit and state-of-the-art fabrics. We believe this is the best looking, best fitting denim shirt you will ever wear, that rare find where casual elegance meets the handsome ruggedness of the active man.

My Experience With Trim

I was lucky enough to receive a care package of Trim clothes to try out. While I am not a 240 pound bodybuilder, I am an athletic guy who has done a pushup or two in his day and in all honesty – the shirts were a quick favorite.

They are extremely soft, which is because they are made from the best cotton available.

They are very stylish, with a deeper neckline (which I love) and clean lines. The basic tee is one of those tees you could wear out on a night out with Jeans. It just has a clean look.

And the fit is pretty unique. The shirt fits great. It’s really interesting. It’s nice and form fitting around my shoulders, but not too tight. The shirt has the perfect amount of elastic making it hug and outline your muscles you’ve worked so hard for, but then as you go down it doesnt become constrictive around the chest.

The chest area has a little extra cushion if you know what I mean. It’s a little wider, for the guys with more muscles than me. But even for me, it works.

I absolutely love the long sleeve shirt. The way it hugs my muscles in the shoulders and down my arms but still fits nice and comfortable on my body. It’s a good look.

All in All

I couldn’t recommend Trim More.

They are an honest company out of the good old U.S.A and there clothes are as good as they say.

If you are an athletic guy, and you are looking to step up your style game, head to Trim.

If you are an extremely muscular body builder and you’re tired of wearing a 3XL tee that flails in the wind, head to Trim.

Or if you’re just a regular guy who wants to put clothes on his body that last long, look great and upgrade the way he presents himself to the world, you guessed it. Head to Trim.

Trim has a 5 year money back guarantee on all their clothes.

The quality is premium. And as a man in this society, you should be presenting yourself in a premium fashion.

Don’t settle for average. Head to today and use the coupon code TRIMPROVEMENT for and exclusive 20% off your order.

And then get back to the gym, those muscles aren’t going to build themselves.


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