Back pain can interfere with your personal and professional life. It is a widespread problem causing global disabilities. People may experience pain in different areas, such as the upper back, middle back, and lower back. The spine and back muscles sport your body weight. A person typically uses these muscles for different movements, such as walking, standing, and sitting. Over-the-counter medicines may help you to relieve pain. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are famous medications to relieve pain. 

Fortunately, you can treat back pain with home remedies and other treatments without medicines. Here are some excellent options for you.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic is a non-surgical treatment to relieve pain. These treatments focus on spinal alignment and manipulation to manage pain and stimulate the body for self-healing. Realignment of the spine can decrease pressure on the central nervous system. 

A chiropractor can help you with lower back pain and headaches. You have to visit the office of a chiropractor and describe your symptoms. He may order X-rays and tests to understand your health conditions and develop a treatment plan. For better results, you should consider the best chiropractor in your area. Read tips on finding the best chiropractor near you to select a qualified Chiropractor.

Move Muscles with Exercise

You may find it challenging to move muscles because of back pain. Try to alleviate your back pain with low-impact activities, such as water exercise, yoga, and a short walk. Exercise can release endorphins and lose tense muscles. Endorphins are natural painkillers of the brain.

With a regular exercise program, you can keep your muscles strong and flexible. Feel free to consider stretching and strength training. Regular exercise is necessary to prevent back pain in the future.

Use Cold and Heat

With cold and heat, you can alleviate your back pain. Cold can provide a numbing effect for intense, sudden back pain. Use ice packs after any injury directly, such as strain. Wrap two ice packs in one towel and apply it directly to your back to decrease inflammation.

Cold packs are available for pain relief. Use frozen vegetables or ice bag covered with a cloth. It is necessary to protect your skin from possible frostbite. Don’t apply ice for over 20 minutes at a time. You can treat your back pain with heating pads. These are excellent remedies for achy or stiff muscles. People must read the instructions on heating pads before using them. Check their temperature carefully to avoid too hot pads.

If heating pads are not available, you can heat cloth bag of raw rice or use water of hot bottle. Carefully use heat or ice to avoid burns on the skin.


With stretching, you can relieve back pain. Make sure to do every stretch for almost 30 seconds or more if you feel comfortable. Touching the toes, cobra pose, cat-cow pose, and child poses are some famous exercises to stretch your muscles. 

For stretching, you must wear comfortable clothing that should not constrict or bind your movements. Here are some tips for stretching:

  • Avoid forcing your body into uncomfortable or awkward positions. Stretching must be pain-free.
  • Slowly move into stretches to avoid bouncing. It may increase the chances of muscle strain.
  • Stretch on a flat, clean surface so that you must have sufficient space to move.
  • Hold each stretch for almost 15 – 30 seconds to improve movements and lengthen your muscles.
  • Replicate stretches between 3 and 5 times. 
  • Stretch each side of the body one by one.

By bending forward, you can stretch your hamstrings and relax muscles in the lower back. These exercises are useful to treat your back pain. 

Touch Your Toes: It can stretch your hamstrings and help you to loosen the muscles of the lower back.

Cat-cow Pose: Start on your knees and hands, slowly change between bending your back toward the ceiling and dip it toward the ground.

Cobra Pose: Lie down on the stomach, with hands towards ground beside your shoulders. Slowly lift your chest up to the top of head points to the ceiling.

Child’s Pose: Sit on your heels with knees hip-width separately. Lean forward slowly to put your head on the ground. Stretch out your arms in front of the head.

Pain-relief Cream

Various pain-relief creams are available to decrease your back pain. Prefer creams with capsaicin (an essential compound in hot peppers) because these are good to relieve pain. You can use capsaicin cream to treat osteoarthritis pain.

A few pain-relief creams contain menthol for cooling effects. These are good to decrease back pain temporarily. Menthol can numb pain receptors in your skin. Remember, menthol can make your body sensitive to pain. 

Improve Your Sleeping Posture

Sleeping can be hard with back pain. Without sufficient sleep, your back pain will become worse. Remember, poor sleeping posture can increase your back pain. Try to lie down on your comfortable side. Put a pillow between knees to maintain a neutral position of the spine. It will relieve strain on the back. If you want to sleep on back, slide one pillow under knees. Make sure to choose a firm, comfortable mattress to sleep.

Good Posture

Slouching can be bad for everyone. Poor posture can be the main reason for your back pain. Sitting for long periods can make your pain worse. Instead of slumping on your keyboard, you should sit in an upright position. Keep your shoulders relax and back of a chair must support your body. Try to put a rolled towel or pillow between your seat and lower back. Keep both feet flat on the ground.

Physical Therapy

These therapies may teach you the right way to stand, move, and sit. It will help you to maintain the alignment of your spin and ease the strain on the back. A physical therapist can teach you special exercises to strengthen your core muscles. With a strong core, it will be easy to avoid back pain in the future.

Moreover, regularly visit your physician so that he can examine your back. Your doctor may recommend some over-the-counter medicines to relieve pain. Numerous muscle relaxants are available to ease your muscle spasms.


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