Training Mask 2.0

Training Mask 2.0

Have you ever done wind sprints?

You know that feeling where it feels like your lungs are shriveled up and you just can’t seem to get any air? It sucks.

But imagine if there was a way to train your lungs to bypass this hellish feeling and accommodate for harder training, an increase in stamina and faster recovery.

Well there is a way, and it’s called high altitude training.

High altitude training helps improve your strength, stamina, and recovery through pulmonary resistance, which strengthens your diaphragm, and increases your lungs’ efficiency during and in between exercises. This is done by restricting the amount of oxygen in the air that you are breathing. When the air is thinner, your body must adapt, and work harder to process a sufficient amount of oxygen.

This adaptation that your body endures will increase your stamina and recovery exponentially when brought down to lower altitudes, with higher oxygen levels. Properly conditioning your respiratory system will also drastically increase your strength and mental processes during intensive exercise, which usually seem non-existent while your sucking wind from exhaustion, as many of you may know.

But the problem is, in the past high altitude training was pretty much exclusive to only professional athletes who could travel around the world to train where they want.

But now, that all changes..

Introducing The Training Mask 2.0

The training mask 2.0 is a mask that is built to simulate high altitude training.

It has been engineered to provide the “average joe” with the same oxygen restrictions that you would receive training at high altitudes, in a safe and easy way.

This eliminates the need to have access to high altitudes, especially just to get a quick work out in.

And this matters. Why do you think those Kenyans win the NYC Marathon so often?

The Training Mask 2.0 is the latest innovation in exercise technology that will take your workout to the next level. Essentially, it’s like ankle weights for your lungs. Adding the training mask 2.0 to your workouts will make them so efficient that you could cut the time down to 1/3 of your usual training routine and STILL see better results!

Results like:

– Increased lung capacity

– Increased anaerobic threshold

– Increased energy production

– Increased physical AND mental stamina

– An increase in overall mental focus.

How Does it Work?

The multi-level resistance system uses a patented “resistance training device” flux valve system, forcing you to inhale fuller, deep breaths. While your body adapts, your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths and use the available oxygen more efficiently.

Even when you reach your peak physical fitness level, it’s always the lack of oxygen in your body that is the first thing to slow you down, or inhibit you. Whether you are approaching the last leg of your race, the last few minutes of a game, or even the last couple reps of your set, it is the lack of oxygen being carried throughout your body that primarily effects your motor skills and mental processes. The Training Mask 2.0 will give you the ability to condition your lungs and diaphragm to work overtime, giving your body the extra energy that it needs to finish the race, or crank out those last few reps.

The Training Mask 2.0 even has interchangeable flux valves that dictate what altitude the mask will simulate your breathing to. This makes it user friendly to all people of all fitness levels and allows you to increase the resistance when you’re ready to.


The pulmonary resistance that this mask emulates also increases the surface area and elasticity of your alveoli. Alveoli are millions of little cavities in your lungs that diffuse the carbon dioxide as you breathe out, and absorb the oxygen as you breath in. This process will improve your body AND mind’s functionality while under extreme duress.

But How Does it Look?

The Training Mask 2.0 has a sleek and comfortable design that makes it non-obtrusive and easy to use.

And I’ll be honest, it looks badass. After you get a quick pump in and your veins are popping, people will be jumping out of your way, possibly mistaking you for Bane from Batman.

It may look a little extreme to wear for those who do not train intensively or use public gyms, but it can used anywhere, at anytime, and still produce effective and noticeable results.

Is it Just For Elite Athletes?


While this type of training could be the difference between a good athlete and a great one, the training mask can also simply be used to improve your daily living. You will have fuller, deeper breathes, along with more energy throughout the day. The mask can also help lower your heart rate during exercise, recover from injuries faster, and just improve your quality of life.

In Conclusion

Once you reach your peak physical fitness level, it is hard to keep the progression rolling, which also makes it harder to keep yourself motivated.

If your looking for something safe and easy to boost your workouts to another level, a level you’ve never even seen before, then you should definitely check out the Training Mask 2.0.

It’s used by elite professional athletes, MMA fighters, and even surfers to perform at the highest level they are capable of.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, visit the website of the people who created this awesome contraption at

See you at the finish line.


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