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Training For Sex Marathons

If you’re like most guys you take your sexual performance seriously. Every man has had the fantasy of lasting all night with that filly from the club or taking good care of their current partner.

We’ve all seen commercials, ads, and heard radio broadcasts about male sexual enhancement pills. However, unless you have a medically diagnosed sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction, you shouldn’t be taking pills, you should be training. And like training any other activity, you should go big or go home, we aren’t just training for sex, we are training for sex marathons!

Marathon Masturbation

Unlike a one night stand, you don’t want to just hit it and quit it when it comes to masturbation. Aside from sex, masturbation is the best way to work on your longevity. Practicing sex with yourself is a win win scenario. You get to increase your staying power while delightfully releasing the pressure in your prostate gland.

However, you have to take your time and act like this is how you want actual lovemaking to be – longer lasting. If you race to the finish line when you masturbate, you run the risk of endangering your sex life because you’ll begin to prematurely ejaculate. Let me be clear – take your time and make it last as long you would want to last with a partner.

We need to stop having sex like we’re 14 and hiding in the bathroom away from our mothers.  We’re grown.  Act like it and take your time.

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

It’s true, sex can and will get your rate going but consider what improving your cardiovascular fitness can do for you. According to the American Heart Association, 30 to 40 minutes of sweaty-shirted exercise a day can enhance your bedroom performance along with your libido.  Oh yeah, she’ll probably notice, and she’ll let you know it.

Habitual Health

Some studies show that a glass of red with dinner is good for your circulation, ergo good for getting an erection, that’s about it. Smoking and drinking too much alcohol may be one of the reasons your soldier won’t salute, or does so lazily. As for drug use, stimulants like cocaine and meth constrict blood vessels, decreasing blood flow – what your penis relies on for an erection.  Swap out your bad habits for healthy ones. Eating well and exercising regularly can greatly increase your sexual health.


Getting and staying in shape is great, but your diet is equally important. The following ingredients are known to increase blood flow, thereby increasing blood flow down under.

1) Bananas are rich in potassium, which can help reduce your blood pressure, which in turn boosts certain organs and performance.

2) Eggs are a natural hormone balancer helping to reduce stresses inhibiting erections.

3) Garlic and onions, though not recommended for a date, are beneficial for your circulation.

4) Naturally spicy foods like peppers and chilies reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

5) Heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids like those found in olive oil, avocados, along with tuna and salmon, help increase blood flow and reduce hardening of the arteries.

6) Vitamin B1, Found in kidney beans, pork and peanuts, improves nervous system function, your brain talks to your other brain faster.


Stress is a real bummer. Not only does it affect your health in general, it can play hell on your libido. Something you’ll need to complete an all-nighter.

Unhealthy increases in heart rate and blood pressure will certainly destroy your desire, along with your normal endurance. Exercising and dropping bad habits can do wonders to reducing stress, having a positive effect on your love life.

Soak Up Some Rays

Ever notice you want it more in the summer months than you do in the snowy winter? Exposure to the Sun’s rays blocks the melatonin naturally produced in our bodies.

Melatonin may help us sleep but it also inhibits us, sexually. So get outside and soak up some rays, kill some melatonin and do more home-work.

Your Sex Partner

Pay attention to verbal and non-verbal cues, but don’t forget about yourself. We all want to fulfill our partner’s desire but we shouldn’t do it at our own expense. Sometimes what she wants works well for you, other times it might turn you off a bit.

Talk to your partner about all this before the big show. Alternating getting ‘taken care of’ is a great way to strike a balance for some spectacular fireworks in the bedroom.

My friend Alan Finn likes to call it, “building blow job equity,” when you go down on her for an hour and thereby increase the savings you’ve put in the oral sex bank for a great return on investment.  She’ll most likely hit you up for the same amount of time.

Ask Your Doctor

If you find that none of the above works for you and are worried about erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease, contact your doctor. There may be a pharmaceutical resolution to your medical needs.

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