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Bodyweight exercises are necessary when you want to do resistance training. They are also pretty convenient and free. But if you have specific fitness goals, such as building bigger muscles, you will have to work on the heaviness of the weights that you are lifting on a daily basis.

If you are planning to start lifting weights, it doesn’t have to be that intimidating. It is always better to start with the basics that include functional movements. After your base is fine, you could start increasing the weights as and when you desire.

As your body is your temple, you must take good care of it. Abs and arms might be killing the magazine covers, but it’s the lower bodies that ultimately count. Having a well-developed lower body is going to make you much stronger; something any other muscle group isn’t quite capable.

Having a strong lower body also offers a sturdy connection to mental toughness. There will be pain in everything, but training your legs will take you to your workout goals.

Let’s check out the most popular and useful lower body strength exercises that are adaptable and doable almost anywhere. Practising them could help you out significantly in getting the body that you desire.


When it comes to lower body workouts, you cannot miss out the squat. It mainly works on the glutes, but it still manages to engage every muscle small and big in your lower body. It is one of the significant movements that you will have to practice to improve the strength.

Even though it may seem like a simple movement, people still manage to do it wrong. Doing it in the wrong form could leave you imbalanced with a risk of developing some injury. If you want to perfect the squat, you need to place the knees at a shoulder-width apart with your back straight. You will have to drop your hips till it becomes parallel to the knees, with the knees right over the toes. Once you are in the parallel position, you will have to push the floor off while keeping the knees over the toes.

There are many different ways you can modify the squat as well. However difficult it may seem, do not interrupt your form.


Few exercises work on the lower-body stability, and one of them would be the lunge. Lunges help in reinforcing stability and providing functional strength that you will be using in your daily life.

You need to keep your feet shoulder-width apart. A forward step needs to be taken while dropping the hips till both the knees are parallel to the hips and quads are perpendicular to the shins. Once you are done, push your foot and return to the original position. The same action needs to be repeated on the other leg. Once you can do the unweighted version, try with a dumbbell in each hand as a challenge.


Deadlifts would be the most primal of all exercises that you do to strengthen your lower body. In your life, you might encounter heavy things on the ground that needs to be removed. With a strong deadlift, you will be able to do that in a heartbeat.

If you want to perform the traditional form of a deadlift, the weight needs to grip the floor, while our feet are hip-width apart. The back must be absolutely straight when you push the floor through with your feet and rise with the weight and maintain in at the waist level. As this exercise will target vulnerable structures in the back, you absolutely need to maintain a good form throughout.

As your strength will improve, the lower body will soon be able to outpace your grip strength. You can try modifying the deadlift using different bars as well as stances to alter the targeted muscle.

Box Step Up

The box step up brings that strength of a squat along with the stability element of a lunge. The form is quite easy. You will have to grab a box or a raised platform and step on top of it. Your other foot has to be brought to the box’s top. Control your descent downward until you are back to the base. After you are capable of doing this exercise, you can add weight to increase your strength. If you want to enhance your workout, SelectSarms will offer you a plethora of options in sarms online. Take a look at it now!

Bulgarian Split Squat

If you want to dive into the next-level stability and strength, you can go for the Bulgarian split squat. You have to keep the top of your single foot on a bench; then you need to lower the knees and hops till the hips are parallel to the front knee. In order to return to the original position, you need to push using your back heel. You can modify this movement by adding more weight and increasing the drop angle.

All of these exercises are wonderful and could help you improve your lower body strength. However, it is highly critical to maintain your form. If you do it incorrectly, they can be dangerous and unproductive very quickly.


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