9 Indispensable Health Habits Every Man Should Adopt

Top Health Habits All Men Should Adopt

There is no greater wealth than health, so goes the maxim. Since we all agree with this truth, the question shifts from whether your health is your most critical treasure to how best you can protect it. Since your health is indispensable, it is necessary to approach it habitually because habits create consistency and predictability.
By adopting positive habits, you will be better placed to know the effects and benefits of your actions. This post seeks to explore proven habits that will help you to maintain your health above everything.

Gorge On More Greens

We start our exploration on a green dietary note because you’re what you eat. All the other habits will not benefit you much if your eating habits are poor. To give you a natural start, embrace all fresh greens—fruits and vegetable—without necessarily being a vegetarian.
I know we all have a rough idea about the importance of vegetables and fruits. But here is a fascinating secret you can catch from this recent study that the British Medical Journal published. In the study, the researchers examined the causes of premature deaths among men who don’t take enough fruits.
Their findings tell us that men who eat five portions of fruits and veggies daily have a lower mortality risk from any cause of death compared to those who do eat less or none.
Additionally, you can get these benefits from various fruits and vegetables available within your region, and hence, we all stand inexcusable if we fail this test. Some of the fruits and veggies you can benefit from are oranges, berries, mangoes, and tomatoes. For example, tomatoes are rich in phytonutrients, which assist in lowering prostate cancer.

Shun Stress

From the physical dimensions of your health, we go mental and enter the realm of the mind. Here, you will need to develop proper habits that will help you to avoid stress and manage unavoidable stress. The reason is that our bodies are interwoven with our minds to such an extent that the condition of one affects the other—positively or negatively.
That is why if you want to maintain a healthy body, keep your mind healthy. In our day, life is challenging enough to submit all of us to stress irrespective of whether we are broke or swimming in money.
The prevalence of stress in our age is like the birds that are flying over our heads. Though you can do nothing to stop a bird from flying over your head, you can stop it from nesting on it. So, why is stress a challenge to your health?  In many ways! For instance, a recent study established that stress alone can increase your risk of stroke.
In a study they took 11 years to complete, the researchers examined 7,000 adults who had suffered chronic stress. Out of these, they found that 59 percent of them were more likely suffer a stroke than those who didn’t have the same condition.
Any remedy for this? Yes, of course. You can reduce your chances of getting stress or managing it by relaxing and listening to your body and mind.
Also, it is recommended to analyze things that expose you to daily stress and avoid them. For example, if you work in a stressful environment with sharp deadlines, you can organize your work to avoid such deadlines. Another avenue of venting out stress is exercising daily.


Still on the mental side of the health divide, our sms tracker pundits also recommend you take time to meditate. The reason is that you are a dual being with a visible and invisible reality that requires balance.
By meditating, you relieve your mind from stress, leading to a healthy mind and body. It is necessary to take time and reflect on all the positives of life. By looking at all the good that
Divine Providence has bestowed upon you, you will find every reason to be grateful. For instance, counting your blessings will easily open your eyes to the reality that many people admire where you are and what you have.
Let me illustrate my point using this true story. Two women met in the forest, having gone to commit suicide. Before killing themselves, they asked each other why they wanted to die. The first woman said she was so stressed up with her rowdy children that she wants to die.
When she asked her partner in their suicide mission why she wanted to die, she said she was too stressed to live any longer because of barrenness! Looking each other in the eye, they embraced, cried, and decided to go back home thanking God.
The barren woman was dying of stress, praying to have a baby. She was so shocked to learn that her newly-found friend wanted to kill herself for the same blessing she was praying for. The other woman regretted that her barren friend was wishing to die just to get at least one of the children she wanted to kill herself over. If you approach life this way, you will find that someone is admiring, or even envying, what you have so much that they want to die to get it.

“Unfriend” Your Smartphone

Do you want to enjoy your health in this digital era? Then you need to unfriend your smartphone and maintain only necessary contact with it because the addition to it is fast becoming leading destroyer of men’s health.
For instance, the light these smart devices emit can hinder sleep, leading to many health complications resulting from insomnia. Additionally, spending too much time with your smartphone exposes you to social media addiction.
When you get addicted to the social media, the temptation of comparing yourself with other people increases, thereby, exposing you to depression. That is why experts advice you keep off your phone after 8 pm and prepare for undisrupted sleep.

Befriend Your Bed

After unfriending your smartphone, you need to befriend your bed. I know in this day where competition is rife many “success experts” would like to brainwash you into believing that sleeping enough is a sign of laziness.
They would like to make you believe that not sleeping less than five hours daily makes you lazy, goalless, unfocused, and even dumb. However, the reverse is true since a balanced human who knows the value of their humanity cannot sacrifice the core of their wellbeing to “make it” in something that will eventually “unmake” their lives.
Contrary to what most “success gurus” claim, medical research proves that you should never sacrifice sleep for work since good sleep for work lies at the core of productivity. So, build good sleep habits the same way you have work habits.

Water Yourself

Do you know any substitute for water in your body? If you don’t, then take in this habit seriously to enjoy sound health. You need to take a minimum 4 pints of water daily but don’t exceed six. By developing this habit well, you will enjoy better skin health, improved metabolism, better toxin removal, and energized muscles for enhanced output.

Eat King-size Breakfast

Do you know and believe the saying that goes that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper? If you do, then take care of your breakfast. If you prioritize this cardinal meal of the day, you will energize yourself ready to start your day on a high note.

Don’t Sit Too Much

For my men who work from their chairs, this habit applies more to you even though it is relevant to all other men. It is necessary to keep giving yourself at least a five to ten-minute break to walk around after sitting for one hour. This way, you will keep off the possibility of developing a back problem and weight gain.

Stop Idleness

Lastly, it is needful to banish idleness from your life. Building a strong active life can help you live a healthy life and avoid health complications such as obesity and heart diseases.
Even in the midst of a busy life many of us live, you can still find time to be active. According to Walter Willett, chairman of the nutrition department at the Harvard School for Public Health, you can find a way out of a busy schedule.
For example, he suggests that if you don’t have a scheduled exercise routine, you can build physical activity into your daily life. He recommends that you can get at least 20 to 30 minutes of daily activity such as biking or brisk walking to or from work.
Our sms tracker experts have spilled all the beans. It is now within your power to embrace these habits and enjoy a healthy life.

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