It wasn’t that long ago when buying glasses was a burden. Whether you knew what you were looking for or you had no idea what frame you wanted – buying glasses meant taking the morning off and visiting 3-4 retail stores and trying on a bunch of frames- If you’re lucky.

Most brick-and-mortar stores keep their frames behind a locked counter and every time you want to try on a frame you have to ask the salesperson to get them for you. The salesperson would perfectly pitch the most expensive frame which would leave you confused and $300-$800 dollars short. Add a five-person household and you’re looking at well over $1500.

But the journey isn’t over yet. Now you have to wait for your lenses to be installed, which means waiting two to three more weeks, taking another morning off and pick them up, hoping the prescription is correct.

But those days are long gone. No more days off, no more running around, no more paying obscene prices for glasses. Enough!

Recently, Vision Impact Institute released a study estimating 3 out of 4 people in America have vision correction, and of those people, 71% wear glasses.

With a demand that is higher than ever, shopping online is THE ultimate solution.  Keep reading to find out the top 6 reasons why you should buy glasses online.

 1.) You’ll save up to 70% retail prices on prescription eyeglasses.

If you’re wondering how online eyeglasses retailers offer the exact same frames, brands, lenses and treatment as retail stores for less than 70% of the cost, the answer is simple:

Leading online eyeglasses retailers cut out the middleman by having their own in-house laboratory, so all the costs for internal shipping, production and resources are saved. Online stores don’t pay retail rent, so you don’t have to either.


With prices starting at less than $50 for a complete pair of prescription glasses, you can now own multiple pairs for different occasions, such as a job interview, your next date or the perfect vacation. Just as you wouldn’t wear the same pair of jeans every day, you shouldn’t have to wear the same pair of glasses.


2.) You can expect the same top quality.

Buying glasses online from a leading eyeglass supplier, such as, gives you the exact same treatment, options, lenses and frames. This includes high-quality Single-vision, Progressive, Bifocal, Multifocal, and Transition lenses. Lenses coatings like – anti-scratch, anti-glare and UV protective coatings should also be offered by any glasses retailer.

Leading online retailers offer the same high quality product with a risk-free, hassle-free, shopping experience, at an affordable price.


3.) You get to choose from a much bigger selection that is specific for you.

Leading online eyeglass stores can showcase thousands of frames on a single site from budget frames, through classic styles to top designers. No brick-and-mortar store can compete with that.

Make sure that your chosen online glasses retailer only offers in stock items, so that you don’t have to wait over a month for the frame to arrive, or worse, receive a phone call with alternative frame recommendations.

Look for special features like face shape guides, virtual try-on mirrors, and online assistants to select your perfect pair of glasses. With the prices of glasses online being up to 70% off retail, you will probably end up getting 2 or 3 pair for the price of your old pair.

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4.)  You can do everything while watching sports in your own living-room.

Shopping for glasses online has become more convenient than ever. You can virtually try on as many pairs as you like and deliberate for as long as you need, all within the comfort of your own home. You probably wonder how this is even possible. It’s actually pretty simple:

Leading online sites with a virtual mirror will give you a better idea of how you’ll look in your new glasses by uploading a forward-facing photo or importing one of your profile photos from your social accounts. Some sites also have virtual stylists that will video chat with you to find a look that fits just right. You can even find retailers that offer a home try-on program, but make sure to read the fine print.

Upload your photo and check out any frame on your face!

Plus, there’s no need for awkward small talk with the salesperson or feeling self-conscious in front of the mirror.

5.) You’ll have reliable customer service.

Top online retailers have customer service teams available by chat or phone, to solve any issue you might experiences before, during or after purchase. They’ve got you covered. Some will also grant you a free return or exchange, so you are 100% confident in your purchase.

You can use Google and customer-rating sites like BizRate to compare the quality and service of various online retailers. Make sure to use a non-paid service that is made specifically for online retailers, and rates based on real customer feedback.

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6.) Shopping for glasses online is fast, safe and secure.

Most online retailers use a safe and secure checkout process. How can you tell if the checkout is secure? Look for a lock icon or HTTPS in the upper left hand corner of the search bar. Today, customers expect a secure checkout process, 365-day warranty, lowest price guarantee, and free shipping & returns.

Not to mention you’ll receive your glasses faster than many offline stores! Single-vision glasses usually ship within a day or two, while higher prescriptions or multifocal lenses may take a few more days to produce. In many cases shipping is free!

Online glasses retail is a fashion lover’s dream come true!

So if you’re thinking about getting glasses, we recommend visiting It’s just one click away.

For a limited time only, use coupon code “WELCOME50” at checkout to save 50% off your first pair of frames, including free basic lenses.



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