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In 2018 an article published in ACSM’s health and fitness journal surveyed thousands of fitness freaks to find out the fitness trends of 2018, and recently ACSM has published an article on fitness trends in 2019.  

The year 2019 started with people promising to themselves to start a gym or at least go for running every morning. But fitness freaks are already trying new technologies and methods to get the most of their workout hours. Exercising is helpful for those who have to work a lot. Even a walk for 30 minutes can have a positive impact on your day. 

We have already experienced the first six months of the year 2019, let us see the top 5 fitness trends in 2019 that will change the way we keep our body fit. 

Fitness bands 

Fitness Trackers like Garmin are quite popular now as they can keep a record of your workout thoroughly without many efforts. The numbers of steps you’ve walked, the calories burnt, the heart rate. A fitness band monitors everything necessary for a healthy body. Some of the bands also have a feature that monitors your sleeping patterns. 

Yoga and meditation 

If you think that you’ll become a fit and healthy person as soon as you hit the gym, then you are wrong. The gym isn’t the only place to make your body fit, and a lot of fitness freaks do yoga every day to stay fit. Forming groups in the park or going to the yoga classes you would see more of it in 2019.  

Sweat, Refresh, Repeat! 

A workout is not the only thing that you need to do to keep yourself fit. You need to provide your body with a proper diet and enough sleep, and you must be aware of this. Getting proper workout equipment’s also helps a lot like massagers, percussion guns, are excellent to flush out the harmful components, i.e., toxins out of our body. 

High-intensity interval training 

High-intensity interval training uses high intensity of exercise with short intervals of rest that maximizes the calorie burn. People who are looking forward to a gym free workout still prefer HIIT. You can do it in your living room, garden, or any place that is comfortable for you. 

Mobile exercise app 

Technology is in our hands; we can carry technology anywhere. Have you ever had a thought that you can carry your coach in your pocket? Yes, you can. With workout applications, you get a personal coach that instructs you on your excellent health. These applications have a lot of potentials as they can manage diet, sleeping patterns, and consult you daily. 

Final Words 

People are focusing more on healthy living than they were doing yesterday. A lot of magazines and advertisements shows the importance of having a healthy body and a relaxed mind. In this article, we talked about the top 5 fitness trends in 2019.


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