Top 3 Testosterone Supplements on the Market

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Raise Your Declining Male Hormone Levels – Without Testosterone Shots!

As we age, our health becomes of greater concern. To assess how well you’re doing, ask yourself these questions:
~Are you more tired than you used to be?
~Do you have lower energy?
~Are you losing strength?
~Are you gaining weight?
~Growing man-boobs?
~Are you moody or sad?
~Do you have unwanted spikes in your blood sugar?
~Is your blood pressure too high?
~Is your mind not as sharp as it used to be?
~Are you losing your libido?
~Is your performance in the bedroom under par?
If you answered “yes” to one or more of these, the culprit may be low testosterone.
As you’ve probably heard, testosterone starts to decline at around age 30 – and then drops 1% a year. So by the time you hit 80, half your body’s testosterone is gone!
Diminished testosterone levels can cause all of the health problems listed above. So men need to find some way of restoring testosterone to youthful levels.
There are two basic approaches to boosting your T levels. The first is the direct approach: get testosterone shots. But testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) itself can be harmful to your health.
For instance, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examined 1,223 men with low testosterone levels who were about 60 years old.
The JAMA study found that those men in the group who took testosterone replacement therapy had a 30% increase in risk of stroke and heart attack vs. men in the group who did not do TRT.[1]
The second method of restoring your T levels is to take dietary supplements that cause your body to produce more testosterone as well as increase the bioavailability of the testosterone you already have.
Most T boosters on the market use natural ingredients – vitamins, minerals, herbals, and amino acids – so there are little or no side effects. And there’s a mountain of published clinical studies proving the T-boosting effects of many of these ingredients.
We looked at this extensive body of research to find the most effective testosterone boosters for treating age-related male hormone decline. From a list of over 50 products, we analyzed ingredients, formulations, and dosages to determine the top 3 testosterone supplements:

#1: PrimeMale

Proven to boost testosterone levels 12 ways.

Prime Male
The clinical studies have identified a dozen safe, 100% natural bioactive compounds proven in tests to increase testosterone levels. Many testosterone formulas lack most of these revitalizing nutrients. But only PrimeMale has all 12 in the dosages shown by research to safely raise your testosterone to healthy levels with NO side effects:
1. Asian Red Ginseng: This plant has been used for centuries to strengthen the immune system, boost energy, and increase longevity.[2] In studies, ginseng has increased testosterone levels in lab animals and has also been used to treat male impotence.[3]
2. D-Aspartic Acid: An amino acid and neurotransmitter, D-AA triggers the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), which in turn stimulates the testes to pump out more testosterone.
3. Bioperine: This ingredient increases the bioavailability of the other 11 T-boosting nutrients in PrimeMale up to 20-fold.
4. Boron: In one study, men who took 10 mg of boron daily for a week experienced a 28% increase in free testosterone. In addition, their estrogen levels dropped by 39%.
5. Luteolin: Stimulates androgens – hormones that are testosterone precursors — to produce more testosterone.
6. Magnesium citrate: Magnesium lowers your sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) count to raise your levels of free testosterone.
7. Mucuna Pruriens: Lowers prolactin levels to prevent depletion of free testosterone. Also a natural source of the amino acid L-Dopa, which is clinically proven as a testosterone booster.
8. Nettle Root Extract: Lignans in stinging nettle bind with SHBG, so that there is more testosterone in your system. Plus, nettle root contains beta-sitosterol, which also helps elevate testosterone levels.
9. Vitamin B6: This vitamin stimulates androgen receptors that signal your testes to start pumping testosterone into your blood stream.
10. Vitamin D3: Enzymes that metabolize vitamin D are present in testicular Leydig Cells, suggesting that D may be involved in testosterone synthesis.
11. Vitamin K2: Vitamin K2 enables natural testosterone booster vitamin D3 to work better in your body. Plus, vitamin K2 helps boost testosterone on its own
12. Zinc citrate: Boosting zinc levels releases more luteinizing hormone, so your body can ramp up testosterone production.
Learn more about Prime Male and buy it online at

#2. TestoFuel

A high-performance supplement for making you more manly.

TestoFuel, a widely advertised brand, has many of the same T boosters as Prime Male. These ingredients include ginseng, D-AA, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins B6, D3, and K2.
This supplement also has oyster extract, a rich source of zinc. But because TestoFuel already contains zinc, adding oyster extract seems unnecessary.
The TestoFuel formula includes fenugreek, an herb whose seeds contain the bioactive compound diosgenin, which research suggests may be involved in the production of sex hormones.
TestoFuel lacks nettle root extract, mucuna pruriens, luteolin, and boron, all of which are in PrimeMale. And there is no Bioperine here to maximize absorption of the nutrients.
Learn more about TestoFuel and buy it online at or read our full in house Testofuel Review.

#3: M-Drive Prime

Not your usual T-boosting nutrients.

M-Drive Prime
M-Drive Prime is formulated with a number of ingredients absent from most other T boosters on the market today:
1. KSM-66: A patented form of ashwaghandha herb, KSM-66 was recently shown in a human clinical trial to boost testosterone by 17%.
2. DHEA: This hormone is a precursor to testosterone. It may also block the SHBG that deactivates testosterone.
3. Cordyceps sinensis: A mushroom extract clinically proven to elevate testosterone levels in lab mice.
4. Chromemax: A highly absorbable form of chromium, often used for weight loss.
5. Diindolylmethane (DIM): An uncommon testosterone better proven effective for reducing estrogen levels in men
6. BioPerine: Enhances the absorption of all of the above ingredients.
Learn more about M-Drive Prime and buy it online at

Keep the testosterone in your tank topped off!

When it comes to testosterone, many older guys are running on empty – or getting closer to it. But with these three safe, all-natural T-boosters, you can keep your “testosterone tank” on “full” without dangerous hormone replacement therapy. All three formulas contain vitamins, mineral, herbals, and amino acids proven to help your body make more testosterone. Prime Male is the best Low T-booster on the market, and is the supplement we recommend. But taking any one of these Top 3 T-boosters can give you more energy, better health, and greater vitality starting today.
[1] Risk of Testosterone Therapy  Health Line, February 2, 2014: Studies Link Extra Testosterone to Heart Problems
[2] Alternative Medicine

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