Mac OS X clipboard features are pretty limited. But coders and users that work with text need more. That’s where third-party utilities come in handy, allowing you to store previously copied information. Here are our top 3 managers for working with your Mac’s clipboard.


Upon installation, you’ll find the app’s icon in the menu bar. The image gets you straight to the clipboard’s history or snippets – small pieces of text that can repeatedly be used. It supports eight different types of data, including images. The app’s menu has seven tabs, which is much more than many other apps offer.

The General tab with basic settings allows you to set the auto start, choose of the type of icon to be displayed in your Mac’s menu bar, set the interval for scanning the clipboard for new fragments, and so on. A group of settings in the app’s Menu helps you organize a context menu with the stored contents, the order of object numbering, etc. In the Type tab, you can pick data types you want to store.

The Action tab contains settings for possible actions available for the selected object. Clicking on the selected object, you insert it into the window of the app you open. If you hold down the Command key, you’ll open an additional menu with a choice of possible actions for this data type. In the Snippet tab, you can create new snippets or manage existing ones. In the Shortcuts tab, you have two custom shortcuts for opening the clipboard and snippets menu. The Updates tab has settings for the automatic update check.

The graphical interface is not the strongest part of this service. But it does its job well and allows for comfortable work with your Mac’s clipboard, expanding and complementing its functions.


CopyLess allows you to significantly expand the standard clipboard capabilities by saving up to 100 objects in it, sorting them by apps. All the items stored in the CopyLess app can be deleted or copied again. This utility works with almost all types of files supported by OS X.

CopyLess is built into the main menu, keeping track of what you copy and stores this info, so that you can access it later. Clicking on the icon in the menu, you’ll find several buttons to access to the most popular objects and pause the process of copying the info to the clipboard.


The main window of the app contains all the copied items in the form of a list sorted by name, content, and the app, from which the elements were originally copied. Apart from the list, there’s a navigation bar with buttons for inserting copied info into other applications, copying items to the clipboard, and previewing items’ contents. There’s also a search bar in case you need to find the info fast.

There are several additional functions in the app’s settings. For instance, you’re free to decide how many items you want to store (up to 100) and adjust the parameters of the main window. There’s an option for setting hotkey combinations for various functions, like opening the app’s main window, directly inserting one of the last ten elements, and so on.

CopyLess is a very convenient solution for saving information quickly without using additional utilities that take up precious space. You can even use CopyLess for creating small notes by typing the text directly into it. All in all, with CopyLess, it’s much more convenient to store what you would like to share, move, or copy later.


This app has a good-looking design, but as for its functionality, it doesn’t differ much from similar apps. To get to the history, hold down the combination of Shift+CMD+V. You can browse through the content using arrows or mouse. Besides, the app has a search tab for finding particular objects in the history.

Also, Paste offers a convenient Direct Paste function, but to enable it, you need to install a small utility, as Apple doesn’t allow users to download apps with excessive functionality from the App Store. With Direct Paste, you can copy anything from the utility’s clipboard into another application.

The size of the clipboard history is adjustable (you’re free to change from 10 entries to any number you want). Don’t worry about your data. Paste’s settings allow you to block specific apps, and their history won’t be saved.


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