Interviews are one of those experiences, which almost every person goes through in his life. Some people dread it a little less than others, but most of us go crazy thinking about it. Don’t we? Well, the solution to this problem is to be prepared for it in the best possible way. So scroll down to know more about the tips, to make the difference needed for when you go for your next interview.

#1. Do Not Forget Your Homework

Going for an interview without knowing anything about the company or the job role is probably the last stunt you would ever want to pull off. If you know nothing about the company, it will be an immediate turn off for the recruiter. Therefore, while preparing for an interview, make sure to go through the mission and vision of the organization, their recent achievements and news, field of their work and how they are distinct from others. This will help you know, if the organization is right for you or not. Along with it, it will also help you to craft better answers to the questions you will be asked.

#2. Say Yes To A List Of Probable Q&A

The best thing you can do after you’re clear about the organization and the job requirement is to make a list of probable questions and their answers that the interviewer can ask. Take the help of your experienced friends or find them on Google, the savior of humanity. You won’t regret it.

#3. Punctuality Is ‘EVERYTHING’

To show how much responsible and dedicated you are to the position, show up 10-15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time. But, beware, there’s a fine line between showing interest and looking desperate. This will give you enough time to get familiar with the surroundings, to use restroom, if required and get prepared for the interview.

#4. Suit Up!!

Society always look up to a person whose appearance is presentable. And, if your going to attend an interview in the near future, make sure to be well groomed and dressed. The prospective employers always assess the person by his or her grooming habits, even before you get the chance to to discuss your skills.

#5. So, Tell Me About Yourself?

Always be prepared for this question, because there might have not been a single interview without this question ever asked. The biggest mistake people do is, thinking the interviewer actually wants to know about them. So, save your story for another time. They want to know that you can do the job and fit in the team, what you have previously accomplished and how you can help the organization. Therefore, think before you speak, be brief, articulate & confident and never ever ask the recruiter what they want to know.

#6. Be Confident

The problem begins when others want to believe in you, but you lack in believing in yourself. The best way to begin with is to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and acknowledge them to constantly work towards improving them. Another way to demonstrate your confidence is by your body posture. It tends to speak more than you can actually realize. So, always stay attentive with the right attitude.

#7. Say “I Don’t Know.”

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about not knowing something. No one knows everything, specially those awfully tricky questions. So, next time when you don’t know something just say so than playing the ‘let’s guess’ game. It never works! So, just to add a touch of positivity tell the interviewer how brilliant that question was and how you would like to research about it and get back to him or her. They will be okay with it.

#8. It’s All About Selling Yourself

Do not forget, that the job interview is a platform to market yourself in the best possible manner to achieve it. Your soul purpose should be to induce the employer that you have the desired skill, background and the ability to do the job. But, keep in mind to keep your praise credible and realistic. Because, nowadays it is much easier to do a background check on a person than it was before.

#9. Body Language

Did you know body language accounts for 55% of the communication, voice 38% and words 7% according to the studies? Don’t be shocked, you absolutely read that right. So, even when you’re not actually saying, your body is still doing all the talking and flaunting your inner confidence. Therefore, do not forget to smile, shake hand firmly and warmly, to make and an eye contact, to sit up straight and to stop fidgeting with your hands as it signifies nervousness.

#10. Conclude On A positive note

There is nothing better than ending the interview on a positive note. It is said to be only as strong as you finish it. So, other than being thankful for the opportunity be ready to ask some questions about the company to show that you have done your homework. Or, just ask a basic question the work routine at the office to highlight your interest in the job.

Therefore, while preparing for an interview always keep these tips in your mind and success will find its way to you. Good luck folks!


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