6 tips for getting a 6 pack

6 tips for getting a 6 pack

Everybody wants a six pack.

And everywhere you look, there are countless articles giving God awful advice on how to do get one.

Cut the bullshit.

Unless you are genetically inclined, having a six place is hard work. But there are some free tips that stray away from the “do sit-ups everyday” generic nonsense you’re used to hearing. And that’s what I want to bring you here. 6 tips that are not talked about too often, but do provide real life results.

So sorry if you came here looking for the secret to a rock hard six pack. No secrets here, just six tips you need to know if you are ever going to attain one.

Tip# 1: Balance your hormones

Balancing your hormones in so important when it comes to getting a 6 pack. Some hormones will halt your progress and make it almost impossible for you to achieve the look you want.

The culprit hormone I am talking about is cortisol. Even though this hormone can protect your body during stressful times, this bad boy can cause lots of trouble once it reaches a high point. When cortisol becomes too high in the body, usually from stress, your body reduces it’s sleeping hormone melatonin. This has a BIG effect which causes insulin and glucose levels to drop, growth hormones to become absent (which you need because they are a strong agent in fighting off stomach fat), and testosterone levels drop, which inhibits proper muscle recovery.

What you will basically feel is an under active physical drive, a.k.a – no motivation. You will also burn less calories in the day, have an increase in hunger, and be tired. Not things you want when trying to sculpt a six pack.

So how do you balance your hormones?

Get more sleep.

So how do you get more sleep?

a) Avoid stimulants like caffeine and alcohol.

b) Sleep in a dark room where there isn’t much light. Dark rooms allow you to produce more melatonin at night.

c) Holy crap! Turn your dam cellphone and tv off. Staring at these bright lights before bed decrease melatonin levels before sleep. Turn them off at least an 1 hour before bed. Remember, your body doesn’t know there is a laptop in front of you, it just thinks it’s still bright outside. No bueno.

Tip #2: Train for performance and not looks

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I understand most of you go to the gym to attract the opposite sex but there is more to this. When you train for performance you are training for specific goal. Meaning, when you train for a specific goal your are more likely be focused, experience the psychological state of flow, and do what needs to be done. You are not squandering time which gets you nowhere and is not effective training technique.

If you train for performance you will see a whole different approach to lifting and see different physical changes. Doing this, you will see yourself use more compound multi-joints exercises that will have a greater anabolic effect. Which in turn burns more calories and increases your hormones testosterone and growth hormone.

Tip #3: Avoid processed foods

Processed foods provided no benefits for you and can cause you more harm then good. These foods contain fillers which consist of corn, soy, wheat, and crap. Just pure chemically enhanced crap. Avoiding these foods will help control the hormonal levels in your body and will help other immune problems they have been linked to.

Tip #4: Optimize your carb intake and increase your fat & protein intake

Dieting for a six pack doesn’t have to be complicated and scary. Simply substitute green leafy foods for the high glycemic carbs that put you insulin meter out of wack. Replace white potatoes and white pasta with sweet potatoes and brown rice. Eat nutrient dense dark colored veggies, which have fewer calories and more fiber to stay satiated.

When you do consume fast releasing carbs like dextrose, always consume them after a workout as it will replenish your glycogen levels after you harshly deplete them. Doing so will also decrease your cortisol levels and keep your hormones in check.

Eating lots of protein is huge for increasing lean muscle and pushing off that belly fat. Protein is optimal due to it’s ability to fight off hunger which increases cortisol. Eating protein will constantly put you in a state of anabolism.

And lastly, don’t be scared of fat. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Sugar does. Grains do. Crap does. Fat torches fat and cholesterol won’t kill you. Eat up.

Tip #5: Everyday is not an upper body day

In an evolutionary aspect, women may tend to like men with broad upper bodies. So some men take it to extremes and start to look unsymmetrical, with a big upper body and toothpick legs. Now, I won’t digress from this article to deal with this issue, but I will tell you that training your legs optimizes fat loss greater then just doing upper body.

Your Quads, Hamstrings, and Glutes make up the largest muscles in your body, so why wouldn’t you train them? Because they are too hard, ah booo hooo!

There is no excuse when you know how important training them is.

Training you legs causes a surge of growth hormones much greater than training your upper body ever could. Doing lifts like deadlifts and squats engages your core much more then doing bicep curls, and with a greater metabolic effect, as mention in tip #2.

On a side note – training your legs can also help increase muscle size on your upper body. HELL YEAHHH!! HELLOOO YOU BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!!

Tip #6: Use tempo to produce more fat loss

When using tempo to control a weight, in a lifting manner, your body burns more fat through the method of EPOC (Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption). When you slow down your reps, your body is under tension for a longer period of time causing a huge increase in your energy expenditure.

The best way to maximize this to to use different tempos on your lifts, including eccentric, concentric and isometric holds. The more TUT or Time under tension the muscle undergoes, the greater the metabolic response. And the greater the metabolic response, the better adaptation for muscle growth. And more muscle growth means more fat loss.

In Conclusion

There you have it. Six tips for getting a six pack. I hope you didn’t miss the bullshit advice you usually get, and I hope these six tips were truly helpful to you.

Please, if you have any questions or thoughts do share them.

No Excuses. If you want it, then get it!

For My Family at Peak Physique Fitness. Thank You!


  1. Very good advice.

    There really is a lot of nonsense (not to mention ripoff products) floating around telling men how to build muscle and especially get a 6pack.

    I managed to gain 20lbs of lean muscle naturally in about 8 months. I wrote an article on it and I’d be deeply appreciative if any of you guys would read it and post your feedback in the comments.


    That’s the link to the article.



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