Tips for becoming a skilled MMORPG player

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MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) undoubtedly changed the videogame industry and managed to define many of the bases that have the current games.
This genre was very successful thanks to its attractive gameplay where players can freely explore a huge world, create their own avatar and be able to develop it as they want, have an incredible amount of content, and above all, have the ability to play along with a massive number of players simultaneously, where you can win allies or opponents.
It is quite common to find users of some MMORPG that are very difficult to overcome the challenges imposed by this type of games, or are novice players who have not been able to adapt to the characteristics of MMORPG, because unlike other genres of videogames, in RPG (in general) players do not need to have great skills and reflexes to overcome the challenges, RPG require good strategies, a good knowledge of the items of the game and a correct selection of skills. For that reason, here are some tips that will try to help those novice users to become great players in any MMORPG they are playing.

1- Understand in detail the aspects of the Game

This list begins with an element that only is obtained with time, this aspect is the familiarization with the game, because when you constantly play a genre of videogame, the player gets used to the basics of the east. Each genre of videogames has its own terms, rules and particularities (obviously, MMORPGs are no exception). 
In order to beat the majority of players in an MMORPG, you must have a detailed knowledge of MMORPG aspects, understand how each of its mechanics works, and predict the outcome of each step. Although this is the first piece of advice, it is also probably the most difficult to follow, as it can take a lot of time and effort. But by becoming familiar with the game, victory is guaranteed.

2- Knowing how to risk a reward

Many players fail to excel in MMORPGs because they get used to playing trying not to take any risks. The best players always dare to take risks because they already know how to proceed with any possible result. Taking risks is not about attacking players at random or playing recklessly, as it is also important to play in a measured way where the risks can provide an equivalent reward. Taking risks is based on not being afraid to go to a certain place to get a coveted item, even if there is a risk of failure. Of course, it is also important to minimize the risks as much as possible, but without leaving the objective aside.
It should also be borne in mind that owning large amounts of money from any MMORPG helps greatly to minimize the risks and the time in which players get what they set out to do. A very successful and comfortable option to achieve this is to buy with real money the various currencies of the game, as in the case of World of Warcraft Classic, where through trusted websites like, players can buy WoW Classic gold in large quantities and at good prices.

3- Develop a personal style of play

Developing one’s own style of play is extremely difficult and requires the player to try different styles of play and approaches in order to find the most suitable one. Each player has an affinity for a specific style of play, and to find it, players must analyze their way of playing and define their strengths and their amount of resources. There may be players with excellent perception and reflexes, while others have as an advantage their intelligence and tactical ability. Finding one’s own style of play is an important element that each player must possess, regardless of the genre of the videogame.

4- Having knowledge about the enemy

A smart player always tries to analyze and understand all the possible elements before going on the offensive. To achieve this you must get all possible information from the enemy and his units, and then know which strategy is the most convenient against him. Regardless of the enemy (whether monsters, bosses, or players), any information that can be gathered will be enough to stay one step ahead of the enemies.

5- Be loyal to your guild

In MMORPG it’s hard to make good friends, but if you do, you’ll have a huge advantage that could define victory. When it’s time to join a clan or guild, it’s best to stay loyal to them and never let anyone think you can’t be trusted. Every great player needs a network of loyal allies to help him and allow him to improve his coexistence in the game. It is very important to treat the allies well, as they will be very helpful to achieve to be an outstanding player.

6- Be a nice and exemplary player

The best MMORPG players are leaders who know how to act in any difficult situation, and above all, they are an example to follow in the game. When a player manages to find powerful and reliable allies, he will be able to establish an important role in the game. But, you must also take into account the importance of being respectful with all the players in the group, you must share any important knowledge with them, and above all, create a zone of trust where your attitude serves as an example for other players. This step is important to achieve a better coexistence in any online game.

7- Knowing yourself as a player

In addition to knowing the mechanics, gameplay and enemies of an MMORPG, it is also important for the player to know himself, as far as his abilities as a player are concerned. For a player to be successful, one of the main elements he needs to know is how to identify and enhance his strengths, as well as address his weaknesses. In this way, any player will be able to know in which areas to improve and which habits should be avoided when playing.
Becoming an excellent MMORPG player is not an easy task, it requires a lot of effort and patience to achieve it (especially for novice players), but it is expected that these tips will be taken into account, and that they will manage to help them improve in their adventure.

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