tinder for business networking

tinder for business networking

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tinder. The highly dignified dating app that you would love to be able to tell your children you met their mother on..

Okay, so maybe it’s not that dignified. But is it only good for finding one night stands and stamping a big no on less than desirable girls foreheads?

Some business innovators think not.

Many are trying to change the game by using Tinder as a platform for business (No, not that kind of business). But is this a good idea?

Lets dive in.

Using Tinder For Business Networking? Should You do it?

When I heard people were using Tinder for business networking I was more than surprised.

Although it made me think back to my beginnings when I would meet girls on POF and ask them if they wanted to write articles for Menprovement. Long story short, it didn’t work. And it didn’t get me laid.

But according to this article in Forbes Magazine, the owners of Tinder are definitely heading towards the business networking spectrum. Here’s another article with CEO Sean Rad hinting at that same future.

So is this a good idea? Or should Tinder look to come out with a new app all together?

I’m all for networking; it is an essential part of any business and finding new ways to do it is key (For me, podcasting is the gold). But I don’t agree with the Tinder “dating app” being shared or used as business networking.

You shouldn’t dip your pen in the office ink.

And social media expert, Aiden Cassidy agrees:

“Using Tinder for business is too much like mixing business with pleasure for me. How do you communicate to potential love interests that you’re only here for business networking? I find it to be misleading to use it for an alternative purpose. There are other apps out there that use a similar technology for business networking but are specifically for business! Unless Tinder rolls out a separate app, I think using Tinder for business is a bad idea. What would your girlfriend or wife think if she knew you were on Tinder? Too much could go wrong using that app if you’re not actually available to date.”

– Aiden Cassidy, Social Media Expert

Aiden raises a good point, imagine if your wife flipped through your phone to find Tinder in your pool of apps.

Uh oh.

“But honey, it’s for business I swear.” Do you think your wife would believe this? Not a chance. Keep her happy and stay off Tinder.

But if they decide to launch a new app, with business prospects only, I’d be interested to see how it plays out. The idea of swiping through prospects for job hiring may change the entire interview game.

So keep your eyes peeled for this in the future.

It seems everything in this world is going online, I don’t see why this would miss the boat.

My recommendation:

Get online. No not Facebook, but build a website about you. An online profile per say.

It’s only a matter of time before this is common place, and you should get ahead of the game.

Something simple, like my site (very incomplete, and you don’t need the blog part). Just who you are, what you do, your qualifications & where to reach you.

This will immediately put you ahead of the game on whatever field you’re in.

And look out for future “dating style” networking apps.

They’ll be here before you know it. (2 year old networking site Treatings, is already looking into this app development as you read this.)

So what do you think about using Tinder as a business networking app? Let me know in the comment section below!


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