You probably know that probiotics are living bacteria that help to maintain a healthy and balanced gut. What you probably do not know is that their benefits extend beyond their usefulness to the gut area. Our bodies are full of both bad and good bacteria, and the balance between these bacteria defines a healthy body. Probiotics are therefore essential to restore the natural balance of bacteria in the body and helps you gain a healthy intestinal ecosystem. 

Before adding any probiotic to your diet, it is vital to know the following facts.



  • Sources of probiotics



There are multiple sources of probiotics available common in yogurt, fermented foods, and supplements. These are good ways to recolonize your gut with helpful bacteria. But not all sources of probiotics are reliable. It is, therefore, advisable to select a strain-identified probiotic source that has been clinically approved. 



  • How they contribute to you overall microbial flora


The genetic material of all microbes is called a microbiome which is present in all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa which found inside the human body. Any bacterium that contributes to the development of microbiomes in the body is essential for health. Microbiomes further contribute to good immune functions, growth and development, and overall nutritional status.  



  • A whopping 70 percent of all bacteria is found in your gut area


Because of this fact, gut imbalance can lead to a variety of health concerns. To function your body system well, doctors recommend in taking the supplements Metagenics probiotics. These are meant to provide support to your immune system. The gut is filled with countless forms of individual bacteria and one’s health is defined by the balance between these. 



  • Influence of probiotics is not limited to gut health solely


The uses of probiotics are limitless and are known to influence sinus, nasal, and respiratory health. They greatly influence gastrointestinal health and that of the immune system. Probiotics are also known to increase one’s ability to absorb nutrients, offer digestive comfort, and much-desired weight and health management. Besides, they are significantly helpful in vaginal and urogenital health stability.



  • Side effects associated with the use of probiotics 


Most of these side effects are minor and only affect a small percentage of people who use probiotics. They are known to cause unpleasant digestive effects including bloating and excess gas. Yeast associated probiotics are known to cause thirst and constipation. 

Some types can cause adverse allergic reactions as they may contain allergens found in dairy, soy or egg. You should avoid consuming those that contain ingredients that you are allergic to. 

It is not clear why some people develop side effects from taking these supplements. To reduce the chances of developing any reactions, you should start with a low dose of probiotics before slowly increasing the dose over a couple of weeks. The good thing about their effects is that they usually subside with continued use. 

Generally, probiotics are useful to the body and can be considered as a good supplement to one’s diet.




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