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How many times have you seen a shirt online that you knew had to be in your closet. You get it, you wear it & then you hate it. 

I personally am tired of my wardrobe right now. I have had everything in there for almost a year and there’s nothing like breaking out a new shirt for the first time. Your confidence raises a bit, you feel good & that’s enough to create an epic night.

But breaking out a new shirt every night is not feasible for the common man, and most of us are left with that new feeling once every few months. 

I mean, we can’t all be like George Clooney and never wear the same pair of socks twice. Plus, we then end up throwing out or donating the old product just to clear up shelf space for something new.

The system is flawed.

[quote]”I wish I could rent clothes and have a new wardrobe every month.” – Some guy, somewhere[/quote]

Well some guy, somewhere, your wish has been answered. Introducing

I was contacted by the owner, Victoria Paniouchkine and was pretty impressed when she shot me her pitch and link to her website. I have never seen anything like this before. TheMrCollection is a monthly clothing subscription service, where you get a new rotated wardrobe every month.

And while this is not for everyone, it’s definitely for someone. So if the idea of having a new stock of clothes every single month interests you. Then read on.

Because The Mr. Collection will leave with that new shirt feeling every week.

So what exactly is

Monthly subscription services have been around for decades. Think of the milkman who used to deliver your grandparents milk or the gym membership you vowed you would always use. Then came the box services with sample products, shaving supplies or gadgets and gizmos leaving your house filled with gear you don’t know what to do with.

What about a subscription service where you could rent clothing and accessories for a low monthly price? This is where The Mr. Collection comes in. Tuxedo rentals are extremely common for men but until now, everyday, ready-to-wear looks were not.

The Mr. Collection offers three collections to subscribe to:

– Mr. Play – Casual fashion for men who enjoy looking laid back but stylish.

– Mr. Business – Business casual for the everyday businessman.

– Mr. Details – For the man who believes that accessories can make any outfit that much better

How does it work?

Members will receive one look at a time, once monthly, mailed out on the 10th of each month.

A team of fashion savvy stylists will piece together all outfits. Members are encouraged to mix and match the contents of each pack with items found in their own wardrobe to create new outfits and maximize time spent with that look.

The option of purchasing the entire look or an individual piece from that look for a discount is also available by contacting support to make arrangements.

When a member is done with the look, they send back for a new one the following month.

Additional Points:

1) Shipping for The Mr. Collection is complementary both ways

2) The cost of dry cleaning is included

3) Damage protection can be purchased for an additional small fee

Visit to learn more about this unique service. And if you would like to become a member, use Menprovement15 at checkout to receive 15% off your first month’s subscription.

And as always, if you want to be improvement services for men sent straight to your email (once a week), then sign up for our newsletter below:


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