how to create the ultimate man cave

Man Cave Jerk Off Station

The Man cave.

They come in all sizes, and no matter how small, they are part of a mans heart.

But today we are bringing you a guide to building The Ultimate Man Cave, so you can reach Man Cave Divinity.

Essentials for the perfect Man Cave

1) It must be in a basement or disconnected from the house

Theres simply no way you can have the wife just walking into your man cave from the other room. There must be a disconnect from the normal living space.

A basement is perfect, granted that it is separated by a door.

A disconnect from the house, like a guest house is also perfect, probably even better than the basement. You want to be as free from the real world as possible!

Why not a garage?

1) You need proper ventilation and air temp control

A man caves all about being comfortable and lounging about. You don’t want to be freezing your ass off in a garage with a space heater in the winter.

2) You want a bit of luxury in your cave

Yes you can enjoy a nice comfy cozy Man Cave. But you do need some luxury. A garage is not the most comfortable, nice looking spot. No matter how much you fix it up, it will never be the same. We are talking about the ultimate Man Cave here.

3) You need a lot of space

Since you are going to have the best man cave, all of your bro’s are going to be over all the time. You need space for everyone to enjoy themselves and have all the necessary requirements to achieve ultimate Man Cave status.

Lucurious Man Cave

2) You must have a comfy couch

A big comfy couch is essential for a Man Cave

– Regular Man Cave:

– A couple recliners or a 3 seater.

– Ultimate Man Cave:

– U couch or L couch. Must seat at least 6 for your bro’s to come over and watch the Superbowl and chill.

– Must recline, just because.

– Must be resistant to spills (beer). Preferably leather for this reason, because its gonna happen.

Man Cave Tv

3) You must have a big ass flat screen TV

For today’s standards your TV’s gotta be at least 60″. The bigger the better. Also get the highest quality TV you can. The new Sony 4K Ultra HD TV’s are ridiculous, you feel like your in the game!


Get yourself an extremely high quality projector screen. These can be huge and the quality is fantastic.

1) Your TV/Projector system must have an incredible surround sound system.

– Bose Lifestyle V35 Home Theater System (Top quality)

2) You the NFL super pack, and every sports package available by your cable provider. You don’t want to miss a single game.

Man Cave TV 2

3) There has to be a Pool Table

It just wouldn’t be a Man Cave without a pool table.

pool table in man cave

4) Beer me

Any man cave worth calling ultimate will require a bar, and a badass one.

Regular man caves are good with a fridge stocked with some PBR’s. But The Ultimate Man Cave should be equip with a  fully stocked bar

– Beer on tap

– Possible wine cellar

– And a nice collection of old aged scotch

Man Cave Bar

5) Think about getting it professionally designed

Your a man, its okay to admit if your design skills are not that great.

If there not, you should definitely think about consulting the pro’s. The difference in quality from having your man cave professionally designed rather than you giving it a go can be huge.

If your a carpenter, or architect, or anything like that by all means make this your project. You will absolutely have a little more pride in your Man Cave if you build it yourself.

Professional Man Cave

For those who want to go the extra mile

Why not throw in a Movie Theater

If you can afford it, go fot it.

Man Cave Movie Theater

Or how about a bowling alley

Because why the fuck not.

Man Cave Bowling Alley

Regardless, if you can achieve either of these then you have reached Man Cave Eliteness…and we should be best friends.

In Conclusion

Goodluck in your journey to building your own Man Cave.

Whether it be just a few old sofa’s and your lucky game day recliner, or you go for the ultimate cave described above, your Cave will always be there when you need it.

Coming soon: How to build a Man Cave on a 9 – 5 budget.

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