Men have learned the hard way that the risk of buying lingerie for a woman can often outweigh the reward.nThe ramifications of not getting the right size or right style can be dire (“You think I am that size?  You like women who wear that?). And the shopping experience can be equally painful, usually involving a trip to the mall into some over-perfumed, pink store manned by high school girls.

Fear it no more.

Introducing The T*Bar

The T*Bar ( is a website catered to men that demystifies and de-risks gifting lingerie. 


The site’s shtick is a “Build Your Babe” tool. Using a 3-D model, you can size up your lady in just a few clicks.

“Obviously, men know a lot about their woman’s body” says Deb Caplin, the CEO, “we just help them translate that into traditional retail sizes.” Once you have the visual representation of your woman dialed in, you answer 3 simple questions that help pinpoint her style. The company then pairs that info with product recommendations in her size and style. Voilà: she looks good and you look good. Cue the fireworks.

The product isn’t your predictable, mass-produced pink-box garb either. Most of the brands are from European companies with very little U.S. distribution. This means that the goods are often still hand sewn in small lots and you won’t find them if you walked into any retail store. 

As a result, you won’t just get credit for finding the right size but also for finding something unique and intimate. With prices range from $23 to $175, you can find something that fits her and your budget. And, more importantly, the investment reaps dividends.

“Simply stated, we believe shopping for lingerie should be just as fun as taking it off,” says Caplin.

If you were wary of lingerie this Valentine’s Day, fear no more, this site will help you nail it. (Pun most definitely intended)


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