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Everybody knows that men on motorcycles are irresistible to women. They have a bad-boy appeal that is intriguing and alluring. Let’s be honest, is there something manlier or sexier than a man on a powerful Harley? The answer is no. In fact, many women go on dating sites and actively search for bikers because they love confident and independent guys who are not afraid of taking risks. Here is a list of arguments why bikers are so well-liked by women.

They have a lust for life

Bikers are adventurous, tough and strong and they all share the same lust for life. Nowadays, bike riders are not perceived as outcasts but as tough guys with big hears that are not afraid of showing their love. 
A man who rides a bike is the type of guy who also has an adventurous side. You can expect him to ask you “Wanna go for a ride?” on the spur of the moment and to take you to the seashore or on a scenic road trip. 
After all, women cannot resist the thrill of having the wind blowing through their hair as they stay squeezed next to their man. There is nothing more relaxing to a gal than an unexpected adventure after a busy week at work. 
Plus, when you are on a bike, you get to experience the world from a different angle, and that is certainly one other reason why biking is so intriguing. Riding on a bike gets your heart pumping and the thrill of the speed will surely make you feel alive.

They are risk-takers

When you ride on a bike, you are more likely to get hurt in case of an accident. Differently from regular drivers, bikers have to pay attention to the road at all times, as each wrong decision can prove deadly. Moreover, their sense of control is usually visible in other parts of their lives. That’s why, most bikers are refrained from doing impulsive, stupid things. 
Because they are aware of all the risks out there, bikers are also more likely to make the most of the time they have. This quality motivates them to try out new things and to have a good time whenever they get the chance.

They are not clingy

Dating a biker is also alluring to women because they are not clingy. When you date a biker, you don’t have to worry about having to take the time to respond to dozens of text messages every two hours. 
With added independence, women have the needed space and time to focus on their work and their other friendships and relationships. 

The leather jackets

Everybody knows it by now: leather is sexy. Most riders wear protective leather jackets when they ride, and this also earns them some style points. Leather jackets are so appealing that they are now considered a fashion statement by themselves.
One interesting trivia fact that you might not know is that the first motorcycle jacket was designed in 1928 by Irving Schott for the Harley Davidson store in NYC. This piece of clothing became a fashion statement a few decades later, in 1953, after The Wild One, the movie where Marlon Brando wore a leather jacket. 
Two years later, James Dean wore a similar jacket in Rebel Without A Cause. From then on, the leather jacket was regarded as the ultimate symbol of coolness and manliness.

You are more connected to nature

As a biker, you get to explore nature differently than regular drivers. As studies have shown, those who spend time in nature are more likely to feel happier and more content with themselves. This might be the reason why bikers are so confident and why they seem to enjoy life more than other categories of men.

You don’t have to be a biker to be all this 

So, if you want to gain the same level of self-respect and confidence, it is recommended that you take up a sport that involves spending time in nature. At the end of the day, you don’t need a bike to feel manlier, you just have to feel good about yourself and to feel content with your life and actions. This can all change if you take the first steps to self-discovery. To do so, you can start by taking up hiking or by learning how to ski or how to use a snowboard.
Once you do so, you will surely emanate the type of energy that women find irresistible, no matter if you own a bike or you don’t. You can look just as sexy when riding a razor a5 lux scooter. It all depends on the level of confidence that you exude.  
Besides, if you want to look intriguing and tough, you can always invest in a high-quality leather jacket and a pair of rugged boots to compliment your personality. 

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