More often than not, studying the techniques and strategies of successful people is a good game plan for becoming successful as well. For the career-minding person, an excellent resume is usually a top priority. However, creating a quality resume can be a challenge and that’s why many people end up depending on templates or resume examples.

Well, basing your resume of an example is really not a bad idea. It can help you list your qualities and achievements in a better manner, but it can ideally make you emulate a style that does not fit your professional level. That being said, here are the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing resume examples:


The Advantages – Insight, Speed and Efficiency

Relying on examples means you have something to get you off the ground. The most obvious benefit is that this option speeds things up. Starting out with a blank document often leads to hours of frustration, unless of course, you have created a resume before.

You can use examples as templates or guides to help you know how to organize your achievements in a professional manner. If you get a high-quality resume to emulate, then you will ideally see how credentials are prioritized, thus getting to the essential stuff quickly and keeping things concise. However, emulating examples too closely can lead to picking up several bad habits.

Knowing how the experts do it also helps you adjust your practices in the future. With great insight into this imperative career search aspect, you can easily improve your status. Why not go one step further and have your resume professionally written?


The Disadvantages – Not all Professionals are Equal

The design of a resume, for most people, is often based on and influenced by their achievements. For instance, an individual with several degrees will have a bigger field for educational qualities. Their field of choice can ideally have an impact on their decision to use a particular layout.

Well, if you lack similar credentials or the example is based on a field different from yours, you’ll quickly discover that a lot of things start to become questionable as you attempt to emulate the resume example. It is also a lot easier to get lost.

However, this does not mean that you cannot use the example, only that you may have to do some adjustments. Do not be tempted into thinking that your document needs to look exactly like that of another individual. Examples should only act as guides to help you highlight your skill set for potential employers and achieve your distinct career aspirations


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