The Last Piece of Information On NoFap You Will Ever Need

The Last Piece of Information On NoFap You Will Ever Need

The Last Piece of Information On NoFap You Will Ever Need

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This is episode 093 of The MenProvement Podcast. In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast I interview Mohammed Hariri.
Mohammed is a listener of The Menprovement Podcast who has dealt with a lot of hardship, until he discovered a field of self-improvement. One of the most fundamental changes he decided to implement was to quit porn and masturbation. Little did he know that it will have an enormous impact on all areas of his life.
Mohammed wanted to share his story with us, and hopefully inspire you to quitting masturbation, or at least trying to moderate it (if you haven’t already).

Key Points

1. Greater Self-Control – when you stop masturbation, you will gain a sense of self control, and a deep knowing that if you set out to do something you are going to accomplish it. You already proved yourself that you have a control over your mind by not fapping, and it spills over to all areas of your life. Be it fitness, not checking your social media so often, diet, self love, will power. All areas of your life will automatically improve, just because of this one habit.
2. Motivation For Life – have you ever gotten into all those low lows people get into? All you wanted to do is eat, and sleep and feel sorry for yourself. Jacking off was a temporary relief from that state. But it was also the thing that propelled it wasn’t it?
When you fap… let’s be honest, it is the best feeling ever isn’t it? If there was a pill that would provide you with that sensation over and over again, who could resist, but to take it over and over again? The problem is, that everything else pales by comparison. You will stop enjoying simple pleasures in life such as socializing and spending time with your friends. What’s the point of that if you can just jack off right? There are two problems with that though :
– you need more and more intense sensation to feel the same amount of pleasure after some time
– you lose motivation for anything else in life
Take that pleasure you get for fapping and distribute it evenly throughout your day, and you will find small, but sustainable pleasure in hearing a bird chirping outside your window, watching sunset, or looking girl into her eyes. It’s your call!
3. Vitality – stamina, vitality and energy are prerequisites of any success. How are you going to be able to accomplish anything in life if you lack energy, and every time you walk upstairs you need to take a nap? You can’t!
4. Greater Ability To Deal With Stress – this one is a reason enough to get fapping off the table completely. Fapping is an awesome stress reliver, I’m not gonna lie. You feel a bad emotion, all you need to do is shove it in the back of your mind, jack off and go to sleep. The problem with this approach is that you’re not dealing with the emotion, you’re simply brushing it under the carpet. The causes of your stress are still there though.
If you decide not to fap, you will be forced to deal with it. You will have to take risks you have to take, talk to people you have to talk to. The tension is going to stay there until you deal with the underlying cause. You will do the right thing, and proactively solve the problem.
Plus you don’t feel like a pervert. Plus you have a lot more free time, and you don’t have to feel like a pervert, watching other people having sex instead of doing it yourself.

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  1. Amazing stuff!! I have self-tested this myself in the past and these are the outcomes and benefits I have religiously been preaching to my closest peers.
    I’m a first time visitor of this website and amazed at the accuracy of information based on whatever topic you guys write on.
    25 male, bookmarked this website and will definitly recommend it to my peers!!!!
    Kind regards,



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